2 smokers or Custom build one.

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by dewetha, Jan 8, 2012.

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    my guest list include people that don't like same things. one person only like chicken no pork or beef. the other likes all meat. one has food allergies on one type and yet another guest has a different allergy. making one big gathering a PITA.

    to top it off I like difference smoke and temps for each type of food.

    one choice is to buy another smoker. at least get two types of smoke going. i suppose a cheap uds or weber could work. but I have vision of beer and don't want to fiddle with the heat source. I looking at a yoder pellet smoker but that will take time to save up for but I think it would be idea for chicken,veggies and other things that I like to cook higher temp and more delicate smoke flavor.

    so it's yard full of smokers or the next option would be to custom make one. I am thinking on that has 2 chambers that i could control the temp and smoke source.

    I am thinking about a design that would be like a double door refridge. the one with the freezer on one side and a refridge on the other.

    sitting over a firebox or some heat source where I can put different wood chunks/pettlets/chips in each chamber and control the heat with a damper like thing.

    what say you smoker builders? it would be cool to cook my ribs in one chamber with hickory at 225 and chicken at 300 with apple in the other. say even to be able to raise it up to 400 to crisp it? is this possible in a single unit?

    to be even more diabolical, a nice custom unit may have a few more chambers.

    a searing option? a warming chamber, a small chamber with enough to smoke 4 chicken breast.
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    If you asks me i will go for a RF smoker and a MES 40 it will cover you .

    the MES is easy  and hassle free and the RF will give you the smoke ring and hi tempe .

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