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    Has anyone here started a smoke on one day then pulled it wrapped it and finished it the next? I'm the head chef at a restaurant and sometimes it's just not possible for me to run the smoker for 14 hours straight. Recently I was doing pulled pork for the sandwich on our menu. I smoked it for about eight hours wrapped it refrigerated it over night and then finished it the next day. It came out just as good as ever I'm just wondering if there is any specific reason I shouldn't do it like this? Thanks here's a pic with some brisket I put on today and some wrapped pork I started yesterday's and am finishing today
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    Chef as long as you bring it up to Food Safe Temp the first cook you are okay

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    I surely do! Don't want to get my customers sick!
    Thanks guys I'll post some pics of this brisket when it's done
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    Im not big proponet of pellets cooking in general but you may want to think of investing in a higher end pellet smoker. The have temp probez for meat and smoker you can change smoker temp based on meat temp from your phone or the net or preprogram once it reaches 195 for example hold at 150 degrees. They have some really sophisticated smokers for the tech savvy and the set and forget crowd.

    Happy Smoking,
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    This is the smoker I use its not so much that I need to set it and forget it it's just that with the hours I work ( which are crazy) I can't start a cook until maybe four pm some days so I do it half and half. I try to limit it to the weekend when I'm at the restaurant for 16 hours anyway. But with the pork it's on our regular menu so I can't run out of it and wait for the weekend if we're running low. Maybe I'll look at a pellet smoker for my house though thanks!
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    takes a loooooong time to get that cold meat up to temperature again......need to get one of those chef wannabe staffer's to sit it out until it's done.
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