(2) 5 to 6 lb briskets?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anzio, Aug 10, 2016.

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    I've read several posts here on smoking multiple meats at the same time but I'm still a little nervous. My 1st brisket was 5.5 lbs and I let it go 12 hrs in the smoker then wrapped it in towels and into the cooler for several more hrs. It came awesome. So what I think I'm reading is leave (2) 5 to 6lb  briskets in  for about 16 hrs or til the IT reaches 195ish alternating rack positions every couple of hours, then pack them in a cooler? Does this sound right or what else should I keep in mind?  I dont want them to run longer because I'll need about more  5 hours for the ribs after they come out.
  2. Not sure. I've never cooked briskets that small before: only packer trimmed briskets that run about 14-18 pounds. Where are you getting those? I'd think those weights are nearly void of any fat, which is what you want for this cut of meat.
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    It sounds like you have a fairly good plan.
    The most important part is monitoring the brisket between 195 - 210 to decide at what temperature it is done. The thickest part of the brisket will be probe tender.
    I don't really go by hours because the meat is done when it is done.

    Good Luck.
  4. anzio

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    My local butcher will cut the thinner end ( point cut?) Off for me. Im not a big fan of burnt ends. I still need to trim the fat down so it ends up around 5-6 lbs
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    A little more info woul help get you better answers.

    What kind of smoker

    How hot do you plan to cook 

    Are you going to foil

  6. anzio

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      Sorry (Tropics) still new here and I'm not sure what info is needed per post. I have a masterbuilt pro series 30 and I really don't like to foil at all. I usually aim for 225 oven temp til I get an IT of 195ish. That's been very effective for 1 at at time. I like to spray it with apple juice every time I open the door to add chips. I've never done  2 at a time and I would hate to ruin them. I plan on starting them at 8:00 pm on a friday and tending to them til about 1:30 am then sleeping til 6:00am and right back to spraying and adding chips. If I'm correct they should reach 195 between 10:00am and noon.  I'll take them out and wrap them in foil and pack them in towels in a cooler till later on. At around 12:30, I'm experimenting with my 1st babybacks. I think they can stay til they reach 180-195. I'm guessing from what I've read on here that it should be about 5 hours. them hopefully we feast.
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    The thinner end is the flat and the thick end is the point.

    Most of the briskets we get here in Argentina are only 6-7lb and they grass fed free range and kill em when they are 2 y.o here.

    I have a hell of a battle trying to find large briskets with good marbling.

    Been cooking them at 275f for about 6-8 hours and 200f internal while doing the Texas crutch at about the 4 hr mark.

    Still tough to do without burning them up or drying out.
  8. anzio

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    Thanks for clarifying which end is which. Im a newbie at this. Im very lucky to have a butcher in my neighborhood.
  9. Hello I just bought a masterbuilt pro ellretcic smoker it's my first time smoking and im doing a 5 lb brisket what should I set it at & time it will take

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