1st Time Pig Roast, A Few Questions and TONS of QView!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokefever, Jul 13, 2015.

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                Hello everyone, been crazy busy lately so I havent had much time for the smoker, let alone posting pics of what I cook  [​IMG]

    I've got some family coming in from California and decided to take the plunge and do my first ever pig roast.  I ordered a 70lb (dressed) pig and told them I wanted it "tucked" vs butterflied.  Since I don't own a trailer smoker I called and reserved one for friday from one of the bbq supply stores in the area.  I've heard so many varying opinions on how to cook it, what temp to cook at and how long so I had to come to the best place in the world for some advice.  Here is what I have planned so far:

    Friday:     Make a bunch of rub

                   Make a few different kinds of sauce for dipping

                   Gather all tools (injector, bear claws, gloves, thermometer, etc)

                   Pick up trailer

                   Pick up pig and place ice bags inside cavity

                   Head to the cooking location

                   Drink Beer!!!

                   Rub inside of cavity

                   Inject pig

                   Drink more beer!!

    Saturday:  5am  Get the pit started and grab some coffee

                    6am  Put pig in the smoke (after letting sit out for a bit)

                7-10am  Eat breakfast, keep an eye on cooker, start on side dishes

               11a-3pm  First peek, check internal temp of hams every hour until reaches 190 for slices

                             Set up tables

                             Drink Beer!!!

                             Keep crowd at bay

                    4pm   Remove pig from smoker and place on table with garnishes

                430pm    Eat, drink and be happy!!

         So with this plan I have allotted 9 hours give or take for the cook.  As I stated before I have heard several different opinions on this.  I plan on shooting for 250 degrees for cooker temp.  I understand that with everything, there is NO guarantee that it will finish when I want it to, but a man can hope right???

    Please give me all the input you possibly can.  This is my first time and although I'm not really nervous about it, I know that its a big undertaking and I better have some idea what I'm doing.  Thank you all in advance for all the help and be sure to check back this weekend because there will be LOTS of pics to look at!!!!
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    I'm in the same boat, thinking about trying my first pig.  Look forward to responses [​IMG]
  3. crazymoon

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    SF, never done a pig ,try the search bar above and see what that has for info.
  4. bkleinsmid

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    The last pig I did was 88 lbs in the smoker. I lit the fire at 3 am and it was 186* IT at 5 pm. My smoker likes 275* so that is where it stayed all day. At 6 pm the crowd was getting hostile so I pulled it.....191* IT.

    So if I was to add anything to your day would be to start a little earlier. Hungry crowds are dangerous.

  5. smokefever

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    Yea that is the only thing I am concerned about.  I dont wanna start too early and have it done way before anyone is ready.  And then again I dont want to make anyone wait.  My kamado likes 275 as well, this will be my first time using a trailer smoker.  Probably gonna end up starting a few hours earlier to give me some wiggle room.  Thanks for the input, gave me something to think about!
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    I did a pig, her name was miley

    I think she was around 90lbs, took a solid 10hrs at 265.
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  8. What happened to all the Q view pics?

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