1st Pizza Fatty

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  1. My parents are coming in from New Orleans for my son's 2nd birthday party, so I thought I give them a good meal the night they get here. I needed something that I could prep tonight and get smoked in a couple hours tomorrow when I get home from work. A fatty came to mind. I had portioned out pork already in the freezer and a grinder to get it knocked out. I ground up 2 lbs of pork and seasoned it with a sweet italian spice mix. A fry taste was damn tasty. I also sauteed onions, bell peppers, and mushroom for the stuffing. I rolled it out, layered it with marinara, cheese, pepperoni, cheese, veggie mixture, and finally more cheese...yes in that order. Rolled it up and rolled it in the bacon weave. This thing was so fat, the weave didn't even go all the way around. To top it off, I got my MES30 in today and got it seasoned up tonight also. It's gonna be a good smoke. Here are some prep shots to wet your appetite.

    Rolled out in a 1 gallon zip lock

    All stuffed up with the goodness
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