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Discussion in 'Info and Practices' started by iceman6409, Nov 30, 2017.

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    Hello all. Attempting my first cold smoke. Desired end is deviled eggs. I have already hard boiled them and will cool them in fridge over night. Peel them and take the yokes out to make the mixture. I would like to cold smoke the eggs. I have a 6" pellet tubr smoker which I want to put in the bottom of my bullet shaped electric smoker. I will not be turning the electric smoker on. Outside temperater should be about in the 40's. Roughly how long should I smoke the eggs?
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    IM6409, I haven't done eggs for awhile, I went to check the search box for my old post on times but it's not working. I want to say about 4 hours with a mild wood like cherry or apple was about right. Check the color of your eggs occasionally to get the smoke flavor where YOU want it.
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    For something waaaaay different check out Chinese tea egg on youtube.

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