kielbasa and beer sausage

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  1. Time to make more sausage. 10 lbs of beer sausage (followed recipe from wedliny domove )and 5 lbs of kielbasa. (Recipe from Shannon). Followed closely just up the garlic.
    1. 20171023_104917.jpg All pork. 20171023_105828.jpg beer is pork,beef and pork fat. Got it all mixed up and ready to stuff. 20171023_121156.jpg kielbasa done. 20171023_122057.jpg The beer sausage ready for rest in the fridge till morning. Then into my MES with AMNP and apple pellets for 5-6 hrs. then for swim in 165-170 water to finish. Out to bloom and into paper bag and rest in fridge till tomorrow. 20171024_153505.jpg 20171025_081450.jpg And the result is kielbasa is spot on. would not change a thing (well mabey more garlic) and the beer sausage is pretty darn good too just needs to dry a bit. Thanks for looking and the recipies.
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    Looks great, were can we find the recipes?
  3. driedstick

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    Dang it that looks good,,, great job POINT
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    Looks pretty good.
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    Nice job! About time to throw down of kielbasa myself.
  6. don't know yet how to make links so this is what i did:
    Kielbasa : per each kilogram of meat =
    black pepper-2g
    beer sausage : per each kilogram of meat=
    black pepper-2g
    mustard seed-.5g
    garlic-1g (or to taste)
    i used 1500g of pork,600g of beef and 900g of pork fat
    mixed and stuffed one day. Next am put in preheated smoker at 100-110 for 1 1/2 hrs. to dry. then start apple
    pellets going for 2 hrs raising temp every 1/2 hr by 10 degrese or so. then up to 145-165 the rest of the way.It is
    a MES so good temp swings. Aftet about 6 hrs.take out and into 165-170 hot water bath. took 20-25 min. to finish at 62degrese. then cold bath and bloom for hr before put to sleep in the fridge. And that's all she wrote. My finger is sore
    so time for a glass of wine.
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    CD, Nice job on your sausage ,it looks fantastic !
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    Your sausage looks great!
    Nicely done!
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    I think my recipe calls for 5 grams of minced garlic/kg. I really do prefer to use the minced garlic or if I have to then use granulated. Some of the garlic powders don't have a whole lot of garlic flavor
  10. Thanks for the reminder. I did use granulated garlic but should have used good deal more. Next time will make sure to use fresh as I also think it will give a stronger fresher garlic flavor. And that is a good thing.

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