What's your occupation?

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  1. uncleal

    uncleal Newbie

    Retired USAF Master Sergeant, now working as a dental lab technician.

    "Making teeth, so others may eat."
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  2. I work for SolarCity as a Regional Field Service Manager for the Southwestern US and Oregon. When not at work or grilling at home, I can be found at the lakes up in eastern Arizona.
  4. Construction build grocery stores for 30 years
    Mostly interior remodels
  5. I lived in Michigan my entire life, I run heavy equipment for a living, hunting and fishing is what i enjoy doing on my spare time.
  6. tricky

    tricky Newbie

    Railroad Conductor of 38 years... 7 1/2 months from retirement and counting the days...
  7. Flyboys,

    What town if you don't mind me asking? I am a volunteer Firefighter in Havertown for 23 years.
  8. In my 41 st year as a heating system technician. 72 and still working full time. Like hunting, fishing the beautiful Lehigh River, and shooting, loading ,and casting bullets.Ernie
  9. krzdimond

    krzdimond Fire Starter

    Retired from the Army after 21 years. Now owner of a mobile automotive reconditioning business in Richmond Hill, GA. Bought a smoker on an impulse and am just now learning how to use it.
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  10. Hello Smoking meat Forums,

       I have been in the construction field for most of my working career in one form or another. The majority of this time I had my own installation business through which I installed Hardwood,laminate, and tile. I now work for a company the does remodeling work (almost exclusively bathrooms) The picture on top is one of a custom shower stall I built for these folks by knocking out a partition wall and installing a much larger shower ,Garden/soaking Tub and deck, TV at the foot of the tub, dual sinks with offset vanities, all travertine tile ,  heated floors, new exhaust venting, etc etc.

      The bottom picture is of a "basket weave border" that I use to offer to customers where I would be installing hardwood up to a fireplace. This one turned out to have a couple different heights as well as some odd angles going on. After completion the home owners , as well as neighbors and friends and family ,used the phrase  "looks expensive" or "elegant" to describe this customers finished project. 
  11. chesapeakesmoke

    chesapeakesmoke Fire Starter

    Tricky my 4 year old thinks you have the greatest job in the world!!!!

    I am an Industrial Refrigeration Sales Engineer for a manufacturer of valves and controls.
  12. myasski

    myasski Newbie

    I am a leader of the finish dept. I make aluminum extrusion hollow/shape dies. Next month it will make twenty years of service. At 38 years of age. We are #1 in the world and plan on a early retirement out of the shop.
  13. bullcountry

    bullcountry Newbie

    Retired game warden, turned local cop (kids in college), soon to retire from that and the snow and move south!
  14. handymanstan

    handymanstan Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    I don’t really have an occupation anymore besides watching grandkids once in a while.

    I have done a lot of jobs in the past.  Built houses when I got out of school working for a contractor for about 3 years.  Worked for a tool and die shop as the maintenance man for 4 years till they went out of business.   Drove tow truck and dispatched for 14 years.  Electrician for IBEW for 11 years.  Lots of side jobs like roofs, kitchens, baths, floors.  I worked for a detective agency as an investigator and court officer for a few years mostly on weekends serving papers or watching, following cheaters.

    I tell my wife that I am a doctor induced drug addict now.  An alcoholic nicotine addicted day trader.  I retired at the age of 50. 

       I have had arthritis since I was a child but only diagnosed three years ago.

    After two years of try this try that I am now pain free  and can move my hands with ease and no pain.  Thanks to the drugs.

    I don’t consider day trading an occupation since I do it when I want or if something changes in the world to open an opportunity.  I might not trade for a week or month then trade everyday for a week or more.   

    Day trading to me is now and then, here and there, when you want, if you need to be there, as much as you want, too much stress, not enough stress, Great rewards, great losses, every day is different.  I would not recommend day trading to anyone but I love the excitement.  

    My favorite job of all though is the watching GRANDKIDS.

  15. trikefreak

    trikefreak Smoke Blower

    If I had my way, I'd be a DJ at a Gentleman's Club. I'd be willing to work double shift, show up early, and work until close. I'd share some photos, but probably not appropriate for this forum :p
  16. We own and operate a fishing & hunting resort on Lake of the Woods, Canada. Been at it for 12 years and Love it!
  17. I work at an I-Joist facility in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario as a Production Tech for the last 11 years.
  18. peachess

    peachess Newbie

    Journeyman electrician with 6 years under my belt,
  19. Hey ya'll,

    Been a Condo property manager in Sarasota FL for 21 yrs, Time to quit, big 70 coming in May, time to work for beer & bait money.

    Owned a health club, worked in a Tool & Die shop for 18 yrs. Manager of a GNC vitamin store in Buffalo NY & Cape May NJ.

    My first job was delivery driver for a plumbing supply house in 1963, it paid $1.25 p.h. & no bennies.

    Happy Smokin'

  20. Electrician since 1998 ready to hang up my tool belt and open up a restaurant. BBQ, and southern style food.
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