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  1. Hi im from the UK , I work as an electrician installing sub pumps , I have just started to use a smoker , and have done mainly pork , in my spare time I spend time with my family , I like pigeon shooting and other out persuits.
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    I've been selling car parts for the last 30 years. Not exactly brain surgery but done okay and can't complain a bit. Met lots of great people along the way. Wouldn't trade it for anything but the right lottery ticket.


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    I've been in the computer hardware business since about '82. I've worked for motherboard manufacturers and am currently in national distribution here in Canada.

    Couple of years ago I got an itch and decided to start cooking, so I spent my spare time at night working in a high-end french restaurant kitchen. Lots of grunt work with peeling and prepping vegetables, running items from the huge walk-in fridge and freezers, and basically all the crappy jobs. I have never been happier. Started curing meats, and now I'm working on smoking meats to round out my knowledge.

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    Mechanical Engineer for almost 30 years. 
  6. Respiratory Therapist at the Detroit Medical Center. Work a lot of weekends so it cuts into my "smoking time"
  7. Carpenter. Been in the new home industry my whole life. Seen the good and the bad times. Lots of people I see/meet/work with cook and grill and smoke. Great environment for learning new techniques, recipes, all sorts of stuff really. I had a boss once tell me how to cook an egg in a hole in the ground w/ embers from a campfire from the night before (fyi, poke a hole in the shell to avoid a hot egg explosion)
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    I own a gravel truck and pull a bellydumpt trailer.  We haul strictly for the oil patch, so I'm out in the bush all the time---life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. I have been with the local cable company for 10 years. I am currently a line tech.
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    I work on tankers ship in the engine room we sail from Alaska to west coast refineries delivering north slope crude. You don't get to BBQ out at sea!
  11. What pays the bills is Fleet Ballistic Missiles for US Navy.  What I do for fun is pester the wife, behave in a manner that encourages our adult children to tell me "Dad, Grow UP" and shoot armadillos.  Although, the coyotes in coastal Georgia have more effective than I have lately.  Qnd most of all, cheer for Vanderbilt sports of all flavors.
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    i'm the vp of a regional graphics company that manages the production and installation of graphics for commercial businesses.  i only wish i had more time for bbq.
  13. Hi all. I'm a claims adjuster for one of the top insurance companies in the country.
  14. Firefighter for 11 years.
  15. 1st I am a father/husband
    2nd CNC programmer operator
    3rd pretty much everything else
    Also like to add wiseguy you inspire me!! You the man!!!!!
  16. why, thank you.  I'm humbled.
  17. :) I drive my wife nuts! She says I am worse than my two kids! I call BS! Lol. Daughter/Cubbie is three, boy/Duce is 1.5
  18. These are great times you.  Family is blessing from our God. The best is yet to come my friend.  My boys are 29 & 24.  Oldest is 3rd yr resident.  Youngest is working on his Masters in Counseling.  btw .. my wife frequently refers to me as the oldest of the children.  Keep up the good work.
  19. this is my wife and son/Duce, Kyle
    And my daughter/Cubbie, Maleah
    My wife says cubbie has me wrapped around her little finger. I tell her "BS She has little fingers I would never fit." ;-)
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  20. EF, Awesome looking crew.  I can see why Cubbie is a daddy's girl.  I miss the days of rolling on the floor doing the bear cub wrestling thing.

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