What's your occupation?

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  1. Thank you sir,
    They are all my pride and joy. And I love to roll on the floor with them. I practice my jujitsu skills on them. :) I have to there is two of them and one of me!!!!! Hehehehehe. If you tickle my boys tummy he will wrap his legs around your arm and put you in a armbar. It's so cute.... Wait there is a bunch of hairy old guys on here..., I mean we shoot some guns and act like men. :) lol
  2. the zil

    the zil Smoke Blower

    I am a Process Specialist at a Registrar. We mainly do quality management audits for ISO and AS9100 for aerospace manufacturers.
  3. Oh wow!!!! Sounds exciting!!!.... Lol? :) sorry
  4. john m

    john m Newbie

    I am a Corporate Engineer for Advance Pieere Foods 22 years
  5. I am a scientist in the UK. Used to visit many labs in the US from Seattle in NW to Florida in the SE. Love the place, love the people.......... Love smokin food! :)
  6. I've been a professional photographer for over 20 years now. I didn't discover the world of smoking until maybe 4 yrs ago!
  7. Helicopter mechanic in the Gulf of Mexico for 10 yrs. Got tired of being gone 6 months out of the year from my wife and two kids and was lucky enough to get offered a job as an operator at a fossil fueled power generation plant 6 years ago. Hoping this job will take me to retirement.
  8.    Good ol' grease under the finger nails, laying down on the freeway, rolling cars over,  tow truck operator (see profile picture).[​IMG]
  9. dls1

    dls1 Smoking Fanatic

    Nice looking F50 you've got on the truck, Bob. What year - 95,96, or 97?
  10. george b

    george b Newbie

    I am a Certified Personal Trainer.
  11. heyer5

    heyer5 Meat Mopper

    I'm an insurance agent, spent 5 years working for Nationwide Insurance and have since transitioned into the agent role as of April 2013.
  12. legboneman

    legboneman Newbie

    I was a diesel mechanic for 30 years at United Parcel Service . Retired 5 years ago .Now trying my hand a BBQ and smoking
  13. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower

    Field engineer control valves.
  14. I have been a stone mason for 12 years, none of the fake stuff or thin veneer here.
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  15. I'm wanted to be a greeter at wallmart but I got pulled into project coordination in europe and now going to the US Army
  16. skybizzer

    skybizzer Newbie

    I am a Register Nurse and Medical Software developer.
  17. I'm a self-employed professional accountant.  My slogan is "the accounting department for your business" so do more than tax returns.
  18. I am self-employed .in the pressure washing buisiness.
  19. magnus

    magnus Fire Starter

    Logistics and int'l shipping. Restaurant equipment sales and supply chain management. It's not sexy but it pays the bills. Smoking meats and automobiles are passions of mine, but I do not know how to make a living with those skills. If there is anybody out there who has worked or owned a business in either occupation, please don't hesitate to send me advice.
  20. magnus

    magnus Fire Starter

    You hiring?

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