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  1. navionjim

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    Well Dammit! The Lady from Weston called me yesterday and told me they had run out of the 12" slicers, this after waiting for a week for it to arrive too! She said she could send out a 10" unit today which I told her to do but I'm a bit let down by it. Crap. Any feed back on how well the 10" slicer works?
  2. smoked

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    when did you order yours? did they charge for the 12? I was worried because they had so many problems with mine via the web, when it finally went thru I got charged for the 12 but they had taken it off the web, I contacted ryan and he said I was getting the 12 because he had reserved mine for me when I put the order in........mine shipped last week and will be on my doorstep on thursday....
  3. jim i am sorry to hear this. that is very poor on westons part to do this to you i dont know anything about the 10 inch but if it works anything at all like the 12 you wont be disapointed. when i got my 12 yesterday i could not belive the size of box it came in this thing was huge. my 6 year old and 3 year old are using this(box) as a play fort no joke.the slicer is not bigger than what i need but it is very might contact weston and see if they have access to anymore and further express your concerns with them selling you a 12 inch and not delivering. these people seemed to be very self concious of their public image. the lady explained to me that she realized these forums could make or break their business. weston stated to someone (posting that i read on this forum) that they were going to pull from website when they only had a couple left so they did not over sell the item. it might be that they have some 12 inch left just not ready to ship(not refurbished yet). just my $.02 worth
  4. abelman

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    I just called them and talked to Braden, ext 201. Ryan is at ext 202. Their number is 800-814-4895. These are the only two guys who answer the customer service line so it's not like you get some call center in India.

    Braden assured me these are new but had a problem with the circuit breakers. They were replaced and thus could not be sold as new.
    I asked him specifically if they were previously purchased, returned, and then resold. He said absolutely not. They are brand new with replaced circuit breakers.

    I ordered a 10" and still haven't got it yet. Originally, thay said it would ship a week ago today. I called Friday and they said it would ship yesterday. So, I called this morning to get a tracking number and they don't have it yet but would email this afternoon.
  5. i went through the same thing as you ableman with it supposed to have shipped and didnt. dont promise me a date when item will ship and not ship it and not call or email me if it is going to take a week or two to ship please tell me at the point of sale. but did finally did come.i was told by weston that these units were not used or returned. they claim they had a bunch that they could not keep running because of bad circut breakers. replaced circut brkr.and stamped refurbished unit.either way so far this works well. good luck to you guys i hope they get yours soon
  6. Got mine in the mail today. This puppy is huge, and heavy. Got a question. Did anyone else who ordered the 12" get the blade sharpener with theirs? Mine was not included in the box.
  7. djohn312

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    JB I believe the blade sharpener is on the bottom
  8. Thanks. I found it tucked up under the unit.
  9. navionjim

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    Well I'm still a bit mad, I called them back yesterday and was told they could do nothing about my order for the 12" unit. I know I ordered it when it was still available because it was still on the website when I did order it and some of y'all got one after they had pulled the add. Still it was to no avail, she said there just weren't any more available and that they would send out the 10" unit today and refund the difference to my visa account. I may have to freeze my bacon in slabs until this thing arrives. If anyone has the 10" slicer how is it working for you? I guess I should just be thankful I was able to get in on the 10" deal. $79 aint bad.
  10. Hey Guys,

    After reading these last few posts I was beginning to wonder if I was going to get my slicer. I had ordered it last week through the phone, and with the way their website works, and then she was having trouble with the system when I phone ordered it, I am thinking, mine might not be coming either. I just got off the phone with the gal in customer service, and she said mine shipped on the 18th. and I should get it tomorrow...Whew!! At first she said she could not find my order, and I thought I was screwed, but its on the way. It seems every time I call I get a gal on the other end. I have never talked to either of the two gentlemen you guys have mentioned. She must like us up here in North Dakota.[​IMG] Will keep everyone posted.
  11. abelman

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    If anyone has a question as to the slicer being on the way, call Ryan at ext 202 or Braden at ext 201 and they should be able to give you a tracking number.

    I called and got mine yesterday and should have the slicer by Friday.
  12. I just got off the phone with them and my 10" is going to be shipped this afternoon...They were kind of swamped with orders for the 12 and 10 inch and really got behind with all the orders...It was definitely a surprise for them, to all of a sudden get all these orders...Mine is being quality controlled as we speak, and then will be shipped out today...
  13. oc-ken

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    [​IMG] I got home today and to my suprise, there sitting is a large box was a New 12 slicer!!!!!!!! I can't wait to use that bad boy!!!!!!
  14. garyt

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    Got home from work and there she was, let it warm up and sharpened the blade and cleaned it. That is enough for today, will slice a ham tomorrow. Very Impressive looking, seems pretty well built for the money
  15. rw willy

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    Walked in the house Kissed the wife and was told there was a big box in the foyer.
    Looks good. More brisket?
  16. smoked

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    well mine will be on my doorstep today.....that and my new 50" plasma t.v. [​IMG] it's a day of new toys for me....granted one was rather expensive.....
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    OK, somebody do me a favor and post the Weston site please! Aint haven no luck finiding it!

  18. abelman

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  19. I was able to access it by going to then in the search box search for 10". It will bring up the 10" slicer.

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