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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by boozle, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    My name is Wayne I am a firefighter, married with 2 small daughters. We live near the beach in a little fixer upper. Most every weekend everyone around here BBQs and boats; I am the only one with a smoker. I have had a Masterbuilt of some sort for about 20 years. I normally buy one on close out somewhere, I now have and older propane Masterbuilt 7 in 1. I am by no means a "Master Smoker", but more of hack. I mostly smoke chicken, pork ribs, beef and and some fish. I also love to slow cook covered roasts in it often, favoring beef briskets and pork roasts. I have an 8 quart roasting pan I modified to fit inside the smoker. I also have 2 cast iron skillets I use in it for grilling and smoking. I mostly use it on the weekends when I am working around the house. I joined today to broaden my smoking horizons, there are many good posts in here.
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    Welcome aboard, you'll love it, and don't forget to give us some QVIEW.
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    Welcome aboard, nice area. I fish down there quite a bit. Love it!
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    Welcome Boozle. Sounds like you have nice life there in Hollywood. Boating and smoking, kids, wife and the beach. Paradise I'm thinking.
  5. Okay here is what’s on today.

    I marinated 4 pounds of Sockeye Salmon in Creole Butter, some cayenne pepper, a little mushroom soy sauce, and two table spoons of maple syrup, two tablespoons of honey and a little sea salt and freshly ground pepper. I let it sit in the fridge overnight and put it on the grill for one hour before cooking it (it was 100 degrees out at 11:58AM). I started the grill at 1:01 PM. I checked it at 3:29 PM it was looking good. Temp has been at 140-150 degrees for the most part. I marked the face of the outside gauge to give me an idea and I have an oven thermometer on the top grill.

    Finished at 5:00 PM I actually brought the temp up to 170 last 10 minutes, just personal preference. I will vacum pack them later to enjoy them over and over again.

    I will be smoking pork spare ribs also this weekend (I have Mondays off) I will post those pictures also.
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    Hey Boozle,

    Thanks for joining and posting some pics. I would love to be in an area where fresh seafood was readily available. I am the only one in my area that has a smoker as well. I believe that it will catch on but if it doesn't, I guess I will just continue to drive the neighbors nuts with the smokey goodness coming from my yard.
  7. LOL! I grew up in Hollywood.

    Howdy neighbor, waving from Cooper City.
  8. Welcome there, Boozle! There's a ton of excellent info to be had in these forums.

    Hope you enjoy this place as much as we have!

  9. I have smoked bloody fish like tuna and king fish for people when we have gone fishing, thay have always been amazed. I will post a picture of the water way out back so you guys can see my little corner of the world.
  10. Back at ya Big Rob, Bill and Jeanine and the rest... thats for the welcome. I updated the post of the salmon to show the finished product.
  11. I would like to thank eveyone again for the warm welcome, I am finishing the weekend with smoked spare ribs. I cut the spare ribs Saint Louis style, and then I used a variation of the Memphis shake from a show I saw on the food network. I don’t rinse my meat when I am using a rub, because I like the sticky film on it to really pick up the rub. I picked this up from a professional chef; my wife would probably kill me if she knew I did it. I set it in the refrigerator for an hour and got the smoker going. I smoked the meat using hickory for 3 hours starting at a temp of 150 degrees and gradually raised it to 250 degrees. I placed the ribs in a modified 8 quart roasting pan that fits in my smoker, added about ¾ of a cup of apple juice and let it roast for 2 more hours at 250 degrees. The last ½ hour to an hour I removed them from the roaster and placed them back on the racks with no smoke . Keeping with the 321 method.

    Memphis Shake:
    1/4 cup sweet paprika
    3 tablespoons firmly packed brown sugar
    2 tablespoons dried oregano
    2 tablespoons granulated garlic
    1 tablespoon ancho chili powder
    2 teaspoons kosher salt
    1 teaspoon celery salt
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    Welcome to the group. It's a great site with great people! Lots of ideas and recipes here!
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    Welcome to the forum Boozle!
  14. Well work tommorrow and I am done her is the finished product, we served it with grilled veggies and baby red russet potatoes sprinkled with sea salt and garlic. Of course the our 3 year old was the first to finish her first rib!
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    Welcome from up the coast..You'll love hear so many different ideas and a lot of knowledge..I have learned so much...BTW...Good loking grub, but I wouldn't expect any different from a Fireman.
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    Welcome to SMF and thanks for the Qview great to have you here
  17. It was nice meeting you all this weekend; I look forward to seeing you all in the forums. Here are the pictures I promised of the back yard. We have iguanas in our yard so I caught a baby today. You can see my neighbors all have Tiki Huts where they BBQ and hang out smell my smoke of course. Since Dennis has a rotty I also included a picture of mine.
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    Hats off to the firefighter, I have one of those very close,. The boys at the house should love that you have a smoker!
    Great looking eats!
    Happy smokes from some where near Hollywood, Cali!
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    WElcome to the smf....................Great place here and great people................
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    welcome to the site!!! i work the hollywood beach area and live up towards coral springs...dont you just love being able to grill and smoke year round?[​IMG]

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