Smoked Prime Rib (47th Anniversary Dinner)

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    Smoked Prime Rib (47th Anniversary Dinner)

    Apple Smoke (Panned)

    Our 47th Wedding Anniversary is actually on December 27th, but we decided to have our Dinner 2 weeks early because of all the other Holidays around that same time. We always have so much Ham & all kinds of other leftovers, that it’s not a great time for our Prime Rib & the few days of Prime Rib Sammies that always come after our Anniversary. This way I won’t have to freeze any leftovers.
    It’s hard to believe how stuffed our Fridge gets after Big Family Christmas Parties on Dec 20, Dec 24, then Christmas Dinner at home on the 25th, then Anniversary on Dec 27, New Years Eve Dinner, New Years Day “Pork & Sauerkraut”, and then finally my Birthday on Jan 3rd. Wheww—I’m beat just thinking about all that !!

    So that’s why we moved our Anniversary Dinner up 2 weeks!!!

    This will be a 5.60 pound Prime Rib that the bones have been removed from.
    I will be using Apple Sawdust instead of my usual Hickory at the request of Mrs Bear.
    I will be again smoking with a Smoker Temp of 220°, so I can get the same Perfect Tender Medium Rare Pink Beef from Bark to Bark as always.

    So Here We Go:

    Day #1 (Prepping):
    Rinse, Dry, and cut a block pattern through the fat cap to the meat. Then give it a good coat of *Worcestershire “Thick”, and put it on a Wire Cooling Rack, in a Foil Pan. Then apply some CBP, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder. Then cover it with Plastic wrap, and put it in my fridge until Next Day Smoking Time. I used to add some Sea Salt at this time, but I cut way back on Sodium since a Dr ruined my Kidneys (among other things).

    Note:*Worcestershire “Thick” is now sold under the label “Lea & Perrins Bold Steak Sauce”.

    Next Day (Smoking Time):
    11:30—————Preheat MES 40 to 220°.
    11:30—————Fill 1 1/3 rows of AMNS with Apple Dust, and light one end.
    12:00—————Put Smoking AMNS on left side of Smoking Rack in bottom position, just above empty water pan.
    12:00—————Put Roast on wire cooling rack, in foil pan, on Smoking Rack in 2nd Position of 6 position smoker.
    3:00—————-Wipe my clean Meat probe with an alcohol wipe & insert in center of Roast. Internal Temp is at 128°.
    3:30—————-135° IT——Cut heat to 200°
    4:00—————-140° IT——Cut heat back to 140° and open door to get heat down to 160° quickly.
    4:45—————-142° IT——Remove Prime Rib from Smoker.

    Slice, plate, add sides, Take Pics, and Eat.

    Note: Putting Prime Rib Roast on a wire cooling rack in a foil pan does not show any loss of smoke flavor, and makes for less clean-up needed.

    Also: This was another Awesome Smoked Prime Rib, and the Apple Dust was slightly more mild, but still Great !!

    BTW: This was the smoke that had the Sun come through the door glass, and shine on the MES Temp sensor, causing a false temp reading & effecting my smoker heat. It was only for a short time, as I caught it shortly after it happened & put up a plywood Sun block in front of the door (See pics below), until the sun passed by. This caused very little heat variance due to the short amount of time of the heat variance.

    Thanks For Looking,


    One “Choice” 5.60 pound Standing Rib Roast:

    Needed: Wire cooling Rack inside Foil Pan, Lea & Perrins “Thick” Sauce, CBP, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder:

    Cut Cross pattern through top Fat Cap to allow seasonings & smoke to get into the meat.
    Then coat with Sauce, and sprinkle CBP, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder all around roast:

    I filled 1 1/3 rows of my AMNS with Apple Saw Dust, and lit one end:

    Put Roast on 2nd rack, and AMNS on left side of bottom rack (Note: This smoker has 6 rack positions).
    Notice Sun shining on back smoker wall, including on Temp Sensor:

    Note: Plywood leaning on front of smoker to keep Sun off of MES Temp Sensor, to avoid false Temp reading, and effecting heat control:

    Light smoke rising from top vent, and drifting past house window:

    Nice Light-Medium Smoke can be seen through smoker door glass:

    Prime Rib ready to remove——Notice Apple Dust is nearly all burned out:

    Prime Rib completed. Notice the only drippings in pan are Lea & Perrins, as no Meat Juices leave the roast at 220° smoker temp:

    One slice for each of us, and the outside pieces will be sliced thin for leftover Sammies & with Eggs for Breakfast:

    Bear’s Dinner (French Fries for a change):

    Next Morning’s Breakfast——Eggs & some outer slices of the leftover Prime Rib:

    Bear’s Plated Breakfast:

    Sandwich Post Coming Soon!!

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  2. crankybuzzard

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    Oh man!  Bear, that looks awesome!

    With all of the PRs being done, I may have to get busy soon!

    BTW, Happy Anniversary!
  3. tropics

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    John Congrats to you and Mrs Bear.Prime Rib on sale this Wed. bye me bone in.Funny my anniversary is the 24th my B-Day is late Jan. 

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Well done on the prime rib!!!
  5. halfsmoked

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    [​IMG]   As usual The Bear hits a home run again. I heard you moved the date up so you had no excuse not to remember it!!!  [​IMG]
  6. Wow !!        [​IMG]     That is a nice looking Prime Rib.  A really like the plating Pics.   You just get better and better.    Happy Anniversary 

    [​IMG]   (Well Deserved)

  7. twoalpha

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    Congratulations and  Happy Anniversary [​IMG]

    Prime rib is awesome. [​IMG]

  8. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member


    Thank You Richie!!

    Congrats to you too!!

    My Son's Birthday is Jan 31, and my Brother's is Jan 26th.

    Great Peeps Born in January!![​IMG]

    And Thanks for the Point !!!

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  9. b-one

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    Looks great,you must really like prime rib! Happy 47th anniversary!
  10. whistech

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    Bearcarver, happy anniversary to you and your bride.    The prime rib looks delicious!
  11. Bear, that looks AWESOME!!  And grats to you and Mrs. Bear!  I'll have to try the prime rib, maybe over the holidays!

    Thanks for sharing, Bear!
  12. mike5051

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    Happy anniversary Bear!  Nice looking prime rib!

  13. redheelerdog

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    Happy Aniversary Bear and Mrs. Bear and many more to come!

    That prime rib looks awesome.

    You got me going now, that is one nice smoker, I want a new one now!
  14. dirtsailor2003

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    Awesome looking meal Bear! Happy Anniversary!

    I do have one question, why is the inside of that smoker so shiny? You need some more smoke in there!
  15. floridasteve

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    Congrats to you for fixing your bride such a nice dinner, and to her for choosing such a fine husband!
  16. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thank You on both!!

    Thanks Warren!!

    LOL---I honestly never had trouble remembering it----Probably because I got married in Corporal Stripes when I was on leave before going to Vietnam.

    And Thanks for the Points!!!

  17. halfsmoked

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    I never have a problem either with birthday or anniversary the Mrs. keeps reminds me 6 months before and 6 months after .
  18. sqwib

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    Awesome post, every time I read your PR posts I say to myself, "Self you gots to do that"
    I'll be doing a PR on the GOSM Christmas Morning ...any Bear/PR Tips? Boneless is on sale now @$6.99lb and bone in @5.99lb

    Happy Anniversary/Birthday/New Year/Merry Christmas/kwanzaa/Mazeltov

    for 47 years [​IMG]

    for the PR[​IMG]
  19. bearcarver

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    Thanks a lot Gary!!

    Double Thanks SQUIB !!

    I think I've seen Prime Ribs from you & they looked Great!!

    The main thing I do is to keep it Med-Rare Pink from Bark to Bark, is keep it below 250° through the whole Smoke.

    I usually use 220° so I get even more time of Light Smoke.

    IMHO, Smoked Prime Rib is better tasting than anything else, and sooooo easy to do!!!

    Where you getting those prices?---Costco??

    The best I see here so far is "Bone In" Select @ $6.99, and Choice @ $8.99 . I'm on the Select at Weis by December 25th, if nobody beats it by then.

  20. mummel

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    47 years!  Congrats Bear.

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