Peanut Butter & Jalapeno Jelly Party Wings......come on Y'all think outside the "smoking box"

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  1. A couple of days ago I was in the mood for some chicken wings.  I thought to myself....."Josie, it's 113 outside (in the friggin shade) and it's too dang HOT to be standing outside cooking anything!" So I decided to keep my behind inside my nice air-conditioned COOL house and make me some chicken wings IN THE OVEN. I've been playing around with this recipe for some time and I had to share it with my SMF buddies.  So here goes -  "Josie's Peanut Butter & Homemade Jalapeno Jelly Party Wings."  Don't think old Josie has lost her ever loving mind!  These wings are really tasty - so think outside your "smoking box" and give them a just might love them!  You can thank me later lol... Go to this link  for step-by-step instructions. Here's my "wings-view"

    Nothing but love & hugs to ALL my buddies at SMF

    Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby
  2. Nice!!  Thinking outside the box is always a good thing.  I am going to give these a try as they sound tasty!!

    It's pushing 78F here in San Diego LOL  [​IMG]

  3. awww come on maaaan! you had to go there about the weather in San you know that's wrong PadronMan [​IMG]  lol

    Anyway, glad you are "thinking outside the smoker box" those wings really are tasty.  I'm Smoking Raspberry Glazed Chicken wings and legs today.  It's cooler today than it was yesterday - today's high is only going to be 106 degrees.  Will have to make myself extra Mojito's...............that should keep me cool.


    Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Looks great!...JJ
  5. dirtsailor2003

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    Sounds good Josie. Will give this a try for sure. I've used our pepper jelly as a glaze before but never thought about adding peanut butter! Points to you for smoking outside the box!
  6. Hey It's miserable here too.....I have to put up with this damn ocean breeze making everything all nice!!!   Sorry couldn't resist [​IMG]

    Mmmmmm loves me a Mojito!!!  Enjoy

  7. Yeah right Scott - I know how miserable it is putting up with that nice ocean breeze lol......I hear that from all my family that lives there - they like to rub it in also.  I'll be thinking about ya when I start on my ice cold Mojito's with fresh squeezed lime - heck I might have two for ya!
  8. Hehe.......have 3!!!  

  9. [​IMG]  who knew pepper jelly could be used so many different ways.  I too like to use it as a glaze on my ribs................Yummilicious!

    Happy Thursday,

  10. just might do that.  Pray that I don't fall asleep on my patio after 3 Mojito's - what would my neighbors think tee-hee! 
  11. Thanks JJ - hey how's the spice project coming along??
  12. knifebld

    knifebld Smoking Fanatic

    Once again some picture perfect food pics Josie!

    Those truly looked delicious...was even worth watching you wash dishes for half the video! [​IMG]
  13. tee-hee YUP I had to lol at that myself...............guess I was trying to prove a point that you really need to kill those chicken cooties!

  14. bkleinsmid

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    OK Josie........I'm in on this one. Since I'm out of wings, I will use thigh's.......and my homemade habanero jelly. I'm getting hungry now......


  15. Peanut Butter and HOMEMADE habanero jelly sounds delish.  That's going to be awesome with those chicken thighs! What time is dinner? lol [​IMG]

  16. Will definitely have a 3rd Mojito! The weather station lied about the temp - it's a 111 degrees outside not 106 as predicted. Will work at my desk until my bird is done!
  18. now that's the way to go also because today is "National Tequila Day" [​IMG]

    Enjoy your evening.

  19. waterinholebrew

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    Alright my friend.... Now these look so dang tasty I just can't stand it ! I'am for sure making up a batch of these.... Oh yeah ! :biggrin: Thanks for the recipe & for thinking outside the box ..... You go girl ! :thumb1 copy:


    You take care my friend..... :beercheer:
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  20. Thanks Justin.  You're gonna love those "WANGS" [​IMG]  

    Be blessed my friend,

    Josie & Sophie

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