New Build -Trailer mounted reverse flow smoker

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bbq engineer, May 16, 2009.

  1. bbrock

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    I can not wait to see the finished Product... Thanks for the Pics..
  2. bbq engineer

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    Hey Morkdach,

    I guess I didn't explain that very well...thanks for keeping me honest! I use the pipes as a pass through from the outside to the inside of the chamber. I find that it works well since it goes through both the inner and outer shell. If you had a single wall smoker, you could just drill a hole and acomplish the same thing, but since the insulation needs to be completely encapsulated and welded inside, I use a pipe nipple that I can fully weld around. I will use this for thermo cables, or a water resevoir line (If I decide to use one), or an access point for my next great experiment ([​IMG] How about an automated apple juice and cap't morgan spray nozzle attached to a pressure pump that timed sprays at precise 10 minute intervals...I can't turn that Engineer thing off...SOMEBODY STOP ME!!)!

    I will need to do the same thing on the front to allow a dial thermo to be installed. Thanks for the questions!
  3. indyadmin1974

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    Dude you are my hero...I wish I had the equipment and know-how to do all that! Mass produce this and you got something!
  4. morkdach

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    thanks for the update on the pipe never would of guessed that with all the holes ya had laid out.

    i just used one piece of tubing for this when i built christene but may have to add another one good idea to have at least 2.
  5. morkdach

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    How about an automated apple juice and cap't morgan spray nozzle attached to a pressure pump that timed sprays at precise 10 minute intervals...I can't turn that Engineer thing off...SOMEBODY STOP ME!!)!
    very interesting thought ya have there now ya got me scratching my head[​IMG]
  6. bbq engineer

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    Hey again Morkdach,

    Here is my rationale on two pass through my pic above, the dashed lines are where my internal grates will be for the horizontal chamber (I am planning on a bottom grate and then a pull out shelf. I wanted a pass through for each level, so I didn't have to thread a thermo cable through a grate. Especially if I make them pull out shelves (which I probably will). If you have a thermo cable threaded through a pull out grate, it never fails that it gets caught on something, wants to pull out of whatever it is stuck in, gets pinched when you return the shelf, and so on. This way, I can go right to whatever I want to probe without the hassle. I'm all about minimizing the hassle! [​IMG]
  7. This is getting to smart for me

    BUT I LIKE THE product that I see.. Do you have a link to all the other smokers you have build or own? I remember seeing onethat was a bit smaller upright.. a quick gallery here would put it in perspective.. or in "theRigs" section..

    thanks KEEP ON BUILDING!!! we are all rooting for that first smoke!!
  8. bbq engineer

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    Thank you for the nice comments...I do appreciate them.

    Here is my progress for tonight...I put a third pass through in the vertical rib know, for future expansion and that little self basting apple spritzer experiment I was talking about. Here is the entire back layout, just checking for a proper fit.

    Welded in a bed of nails for the insulation to punch down onto. I figure if nothing else, this smoker is going to be on a trailer bouncing down the road, and I don't want the insulation moving around or settling between the walls.

    Insulation installed...SWEET!

    Here is the pass throughs that I cut earlier...I just cut out a small hole in the insulation for the NPT Pipe.

    Before I put the outer skin on, I clean them up really well, so they are good and clean against the insulation.
  9. pinkmeat

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    Seriously cool man. First guy ever to only use 3 chunks of lump to cook ribs. Get a chimney full and I bet it'll cook all weekend if you keep the lid closed!
  10. fatback

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    I am enjoying following this thread. Can't wait for an update. That is some fine work.
  11. beerbelly

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    I'm really enjoying watching this smoker take shape, can't wait til next pics. Great job !!
  12. jirodriguez

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    For those with drafting/engineering needs you can dowload a free 2D drafting program from Solid Edge. For a free program it does a good job - just Google Solid Edge and go to their company website.
  13. bbq engineer

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    I have been working like crazy, with every last minute of free time spent in the shop. I have a deadline of the 4th of July for the inaugural smoke, and time is running out. It won't be painted, and I will still have some bells and whistles to put on, but I am determined to have doors on it, have it burned out / cleaned up, and seasoned by then. Here is where I am at, and I can tell you with certainty, that pictures don't do justice to how hard I have been working on this, and how far I have come.

    I put the drain line in.

    I have also read that someone with a new unit (maybe a bell fab unit??) loved their ash dump to really stoke up the fire as well. I don't know how this is going to sit on the trailer as of yet, but I wanted to make sure that I could do this as an option, so I framed it out on the bottom of the firebox, and If I decide to install the ash dump / under fire damper, I just need to cut through both skins with my plasma cutter, slide the pipe into place, and weld it. I also have a really cool idea for a slider damper out of this ash dump thing should it materialize. The cover for the ash dump would be attached to a rod, and you would slide the rod at the front of the firebox from one side of the firebox to the other around a hinge point, effectively giving you a 90° rotation, which would move the cover from fully open to fully closed...It would work really sweet. For now, I will just weld the skin shut, and the fact that the framing is there will be my little secret!

    The Lower side of the firebox ready to be covered. The ceramic wool blanket really is a blanket...that is 1 inch thick!

    Side view of the firebox / rib rack, and the back of the unit complete with pass through pipes. When completed, the skin welds will be ground flat, and the corner welds on the skin will be ground to right angles. Trust me, this thing will look sweet.

    Welding around the edges to encapsulate the insulation tonight, and tomorrow.......I begin on the doors!
  14. morkdach

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    wow lots of welding and grinding left and thats work.[​IMG][​IMG]:pDT_Ar mataz_01_34:
  15. bman62526

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    Thanks so much for ALL the great pics! I too am enjoying following this thread from the beginning.
  16. bbq engineer

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    Hey everyone,

    Wow it is hot outside...heat index of 112° or so, and I am working every spare moment that I have in the heat, slugging away at this thing. I have rotated the smoker the last time, and have put all of the outer shell on except the top of the rib rack, because I have to cut in the chimney on that one. I have started on the doors and here is where I am....

    Here is a pic of the smoker laying on it's back. The first door is laying on the side rib is ready to go, except for the thermometer connection.

    Here is the inside of the door, and I added some strongback bracing to keep it from warping....oh yeah, it is insulated too!

    I thought I would make the hinges. I am cutting some pipe and using some all thread for the rod. 1/2" iron pipe has an outside diameter of .840", with a wall thickness of .109" by subtracting two times the wall thickness, this gives you an internal diameter of .622". It just so happens that 5/8 bolts carry a maximum diameter of .6236" with a minimum of .6149". I know for a fact that they won't be runnig at the top end of tolerance, so I checked the tolerance stackup of some galvanized all thread rod (superior corrosion resistance was my goal), and some 1/2" black iron pipe. It was a super tight fit and I thought this combination would make some awesome hinges...besides, it was really beefy and strong with a 5/8 inch pin, and would leave me a great welding surface against the iron pipe...not to mention that for the price of a single hinge at the local bbq supply house, I have enough pipe and all thread to make hinges for all of the smokers that I see in my future. And, I can cut the hinge elements to whatever length I want and add as many elements together as I want...I could even make this into a low cost super strength piano hinge! Now that is what I call custom made!

    Here is a five inch hinge put together. I think I will put nuts on the all thread at first, that way I can get the pin out if I need to, and weld it up after I get it all cleaned up.

    I am going to continue on the doors and get them completed.
  17. morkdach

    morkdach Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    keep on teasing me i like it.
    heat index here today 108° i just looked at the pile of smoker parts then just started on the cold ones maybe later[​IMG]
  18. builder59

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    Please don't stop. Maybe you need to take of couple of days or work to finish. The suspense is killing me. I would love to build one like that.

    Very nice job indeed.

  19. bbq engineer

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    Hey Heli,

    I will be more than happy to post some pics and some build info in my cabinet smoker...I built the first one as a prototype, intending to work out the bugs, give it away to family / friend, and then build one to keep. The trouble is that it worked so darned well, I kept it. I then built a nicer one for my brother, only making a couple of minor changes for the second build. After I get this one done, I will sure post something on my double walled and insulated is truly awesome!

    Thanks Ron,

    I plan to have it sealed up and outta the shop Sunday at the latest. My neighbor has a couple of trailers that I am going to choose from (temporarily...or if the price is right, for keeps), and a tractor / scoop to lift it up. It was about all that me and several neighbors could do to roll it over the last is freakin' heavy.

    I will post more hopefully tomorrow.
  20. bbq engineer

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    It's really hot / humid again...boy that really makes it nice to work in. I will be taking frequent water breaks today, and will post photos that I have taken along the way, so there may be a flurry of activity as I sprint across the finish line....

    Here is Door #2 for the horizontal chamber. The strong back is different than the first one. As long as I can eliminate (read as minimize) corner to corner lateral warping, it will work.

    Double walled and insulated smokers aren't for the ain't opening my smoker unless you can curl 60 lbs! Here is one of the horizontal doors on an el cheapo scale...Mrs. Engineer wouldn't let me use the nice digital one.

    Here is the thermometer fitting for the protect the threads against weld spatter, be sure to put a pipe nipple in it.

    The door getting the skins welded on.

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