Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View

Discussion in 'Cheese' started by mr t 59874, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Give yourself 7.62cm clearance between the top of your product to the next shelf.

    Tom, morning...... I thought you lived in Montana......  [​IMG]

    Your friend.....  Dave

    EDIT........ OK ...... I see now......   NE Kingdom.......    [​IMG]  .....
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    I do and I won't tell you how long it took me to figure that out.  [​IMG]

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    Sorry guys, it's such a standard thing in northern Vermont it just failed to explain it...especially after all the great cheese explaining !
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    Mr. T, Excellent thread it needs to be a cheese sticky for sure. I just purchased  a couple two pound blocks of colby and mild cheddar. I do not have access to a vaccum package system but have lots of ziplocks. Will the Ziplocks be suitable to allow the resting period after the smoke?  Also i have a MB 30 vertical smoker should i place the cheese starting from middle racks up or top racks only? Oh ambient temps are low forty deg. and will be using peach on one batch and alder on another along with AMNPS. All from Todd.
  5. mr t 59874

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    Thatcho, thank you.

      If the cheese has moisture on it, let it rest on a rack and inside a open zip bag overnight so the moisture can dissipate.  Do not rub the moisture off as it has flavor in it that we want to keep with the cheese.

    You can keep your cheese in a zip bag for short term if needed.  The down side to storing in zip bags is the bags allow oxygen in which promotes molding.  It would be better to wrap tightly in cling wrap or if you wish coat the cheese in vegetable oil and store in a plastic container along with a damp towel.  The oil will keep outside air from coming into contact with the cheese.  Recoat every couple weeks or when you cut some away. Of course waxing is always an option for the hard cheeses.

    Not being familiar with the MB models, I would think if you tented the AMNPS with foil that has holes poked in it so the smoke would spread evenly, you could probably use all of the upper racks.  Keep a eye on the lower rack so it doesn't get hotter than what you want.

    Enjoy your cheese.

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    I agree totally. So much information in this thread !!
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    Great thread. I learned a lot.
  8. mr t 59874

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    Let us know how your cheese turns out.
  9. Great Thread. I have a question. I was going to do a cheddar cheese here in a few weeks when I have some time. after it is smoked, dried and vacuum sealed how long will it be good for in the fridge?
  10. mr t 59874

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    Thank you.  Don't feel that the cheddar has to be refrigerated.  Keep it at 70° or below.  As for how long it will be good for, years.

  11. ak1

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    A question Mr T. I was at the store today and saw some small rounds of waxed old cheddar. But, they had a best before date. It confused me. Can it still be aged more.
  12. ak1

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    OOPS. one more question. Can I age the store bought cryovacked cheddar etc in a bar fridge if the thermostat is set to it's warmest setting?
  13. knuckle47

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    Hello again Mr. T,

    As an update for the last 6 weeks....probably smoked 35 plus lbs of cheeses in my dedicated wine barrel cold smoker. Thanks a bunch! It was your amazing and inspiring post.

    It has been long enough that the first few batches have matured enough to eat and giveaway to some family. They have tasted FANTASTIC !

    I look back occasionally on your post to double check on my procedures and noticed in the photos of smoked cheese, you have a picture with Gouda, Monterey Jack and Cheddar. It looks as though the Gouda has the red "skin" still on it. I have one like it ready to smoke, do you leave this on during the smoke and then just vac seal again when finished?

    Thank you again for the excellent guidance and motivation!
  14. mr t 59874

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    Yes, you can age more.  If the cheese is sold as a sharp cheese and you want a sharp cheese then go by the "best by date".  If aged for a longer time, it will become extra sharp.  If you intend to age for a long period, wax it as it will age much better although I do have some that is over four years old and not smoked or waxed yet.

    The ideal aging temp is ± 52°.  Keep it between 70° and 35°.

    Glad you are enjoying your cheese and am proud that I could help.  The Gouda that I smoke is cut into wedges so I smoke with the wax on.

  15. Well, I guess this will be my next adventure. I do like cheddar and mozz so will probably try those maybe this weekend. I don't have a vac sealer yet so will just put in a zip lock as outlined by Mr T. I also don't have any fruit woods- i only have pecan pellets and a pellet mix I bought from Lowes. I've used both for beef sticks and neither produces a heavy smoke taste so I assume either will be good for the cheese.

  16. daveomak

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    Tightly wrap with plastic wrap before putting in the zip bags... If you take the cheese out to cut some.... re wrap the left cheese with new plastic wrap... helps to stop the mold growth..... Dave
  17. great thread, I have smoked a lot of cheese and very much enjoyed reading this thread,  I am quite sure I learned several things.

  18. I'm a bit confused about storage. Since I don't have a vac sealer yet, I will have to wrap in saran and then in a zip lock bag. This weekend, I will smoke a 1lb block of cheddar and either a 1lb block of mozz or hot pepper. My plan is to cut each block in half and cold smoke half of each for 1 hr and the other half for 2 hrs.

    From reading this post, I should remove from the smoker and allow to sit on the counter then wrap.

    My confusion is do I wrap the cheese in saran and leave on the counter for a week, two weeks or more?

    When do I place the cheese in a zip lock bag?

    When do I place in the fridge?

    My fridge stays at a temp between 36-40 degrees and I've noticed items on the top rack sometimes have moisture form in the containers or bags. I've also seen cheese form mold in my fridge, which I assume is from the moisture in the bags.

    We eat cheese often but usually not everyday so I want to make sure the cheese does not go bad.


  19. mr t 59874

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    Eddie,  When smoking your cheese, take note on the type and amount of wood being used along with the color and density of the smoke and of coarse the time.  It will be invaluable info in the future.

    The reason for letting the cheese set open on the counter is to allow any moisture that may have accumulated to evaporate, do not wipe off.  If it is dry, you can go ahead and wrap.  If wrapped tightly, a zip bag really isn't needed.  The idea is to keep air from reaching the cheese which will promote mold growth. To help with this, you may want to coat it with a little vegetable oil prior to wrapping or of coarse you can wax hard cheeses such as your cheddar.

    You may leave the cheddar or other hard cheeses on the counter (under 70°) until consumed, no need to refrigerate as many think, the mozz and pepper jack, I would put in the fridge (55°- 34°).

    Hopefully this has helped answer your questions, if I can help further, please ask.

    Enjoy your cheese and have fun.  Let us know here how it turns out.

  20. Thank you Mr T. I apprecaite your help. Great write up.

     As for the wax, do you simply melt it and dip the cheese in it? Not familiar with the process.

    I don't have any fruit woods so I will be using pecan pellets. I find the flavor is fairly mild. I do have a mix of pellets that I picked up from Lowes. I can't remember which type of woods are used but I think it does have some fruit woods in it.

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