Military Smokers?

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  1. starsfaninco

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    USNR 90-94
    Plankowner USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)
    USS Spartanburg County (LST-1192)
    Desert Shield

    Fun times.

    To the other guys in this list, thanks for your service.
  2. justsmoke2

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    US ARMY 1974 to 1979
    Ft Ord, Ca 13th Combat Enigneers
    Bamberg, Germany 82nd Combat Engineers
    I don't know if I can post this here but over in the tvwbb forums they have a thread where people are sending a Capt care boxes relateing to BBQ'ing. He has smoker over there and he cooks for his troops. If you know of any other military person over in Iraq or Afghanistan they will surely add them to there list for BBQ'ing items
  3. stacks

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    Missouri Army National Guard 1983-???? D Company 1-135th Attack
    Reconnaissance Batallion AH-64A Apache helicopters.
    I spent the first 18 years working my way up the enlisted chain. Made SFC (E-7) the day "after" I pinned on Warrant Officer Candidate. Became a Warrant 151AE in 2001 and should be promoted CW3 next month. I work as a full time Maintenance and Armament Officer and have been in the maintenance field for 25 years.
    Can't say I've been anywhere outside CONUS. Volunteered for Desert Storm but never received orders. Been called up four times for OIF to fill in other deploying units but for one reason or another (unit doesn't deploy, manpower requirements get reduced, etc etc) I stay home - Not complaining but if I have to go LETS GET ON WITH IT ALREADY.
    I sincerely thank each and every one of you for your service both past and present. You all are what made and keeps our country great.[​IMG]
  4. seboke

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    We gotta get that Capt signed up here! Q-view from over the pond is something I was hoping to get a lot more of! Can you give a link to the tvwbb?
  5. salazaj

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    Current Member of the 3rd U.S Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) in Washington D.C. I serve as a snare drummer with the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps. Just Bought my Silver Smoker, and did some mods.. I've been cooking on it daily, i can use the practice!! Just tryin to serve up some good Capital Q!!
  6. desertlites

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    I grew up a army brat-born in Japan-been bounced around alot-only male in the family that didn't join-somtimes I regret it most times I don't! I thank each and everyone that serves our country-they are a large part of what makes this country the greatest in the world.Thank You all.
  7. seboke

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    Hey DL, brats are every bit a part of the military fraternity! You got to see dad off to way too many places way too many times, just like my wife and kids.
  8. justsmoke2

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    This forum site is The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board. You will find the thread under Just Conversation. Capt Lance Leonard is his name.

    CPT Lance Leonard
    HHT, 1-33CAV, 3BCT, 101st Airborne (AASLT)
    APO AE 09322

    I hope this is enough information.
  9. seboke

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    Yeah, great link. I copied the contents of what one guy sent. Gonna paste it in and comment (IMHO) on the do's and dont's for anyone wanting to send some goodies the the boys.
  10. seboke

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    Checked out the link that justsmoke2 provided. Looks like some real good people on that forum also. Below is a copy of what one member posted. I'll comment in red on each item he listed, from my personal experience. If I put a "NO" beside any item, its not because it isn't a good choice or not needed, but we get boxes upon boxes of goodies from schools, churches, scouts, etc. with the basic sundries.. So from a BBQer's perspective, send what counts!!!! But remember, my comments are solely based on my experience and MHO!


    OK I just mailed 3 of the Bigger Priority Mail Boxes (12"X12"X8") off to Lance. Total weight of the 3 boxes was 58lbs even. Postage came in at $34.30 for the 3. [​IMG] I'll try and list all of what I sent.

    8 tubes tooth paste NO
    8 sticks deodorant NO
    12 tooth brushes NO
    4 large bottles baby powder NO NO NO
    1 large bottle Gold Bond YES
    360 pieces of the dental floss on plastic hand things. Best thing since dental floss!!!

    BBQ/Spices, Seasonings
    1 can of Old Bay OH Yeah!
    Large Bottle Lawry's seasoned salt Oh Yeah!
    Sylvia's chicken rub and a salt free rub YES
    1 lb bag hickory salt YES
    1 bottle texas pete hot sauce YES
    1 bottle srircha hot sauce YES
    1 bottle woosty sauce YES
    1 bottle bacon salt YES (mmmmmm, Bacon!)
    1 can of Tony Catch a somebody's seasoned creole salt. YES
    1 can of chipotle's in Adobo sauce YES
    5 mustards diff varieties YES
    2 horesradish sauce YES
    1 lb New Mexico dried peppers, 8 oz mild, 8 oz hot. YES
    aji amarillo
    1 bottle head country reg YES
    bag each of pecan and red oak wood about 3-4 cooks per bag. OMG! This would have been AWESOME!!!! We were limited to whatever charcoal the PX had or the local lump (good stuff though)

    100 slim jims YES YES YES
    1 summer sausage (fridge after opening) Big sausages aren't real good. Greasy plus overeating equals some inopportune moments of trying to decide if you can safely break a little wind or have a real mess at a really bad time (on patrol? during a convoy?). Refrigeration is not an option to everyone.
    1-19" stick of Bridgford Pepperoni, cut in half and re vac sealed (not my fav but it doesn't need to be fridged till after opening) Same comment as sausages
    2 lb block of cabot cheddar Smaller sealed blocks for the same fridge reason
    box of townhouse crakers YES
    CheeseIt can cheese YES
    I jar of hot cherry peppers stuffed with provolone and proschutto. This will make brothers-in-arms fight each other!
    1 large jar of Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds YES
    #10 can of Planters Cashews YES
    Prob missed something but it's close

    I Sent Box 4 out today, 04/08/08
    1 Gallon jar of sliced jalapenos
    1 bottle head country hot and 1 bottle reg.
    1 quart of Blues hog reg
    2 boxes of crackers
    1 can of CHEEZ-IT can cheese
    YES to EVERYTHING here

    Do you want or need hand lotion? Seems a hot dry sandy enviroment would warrant some. NO NO NO. Ms. Wilson's 2nd grade class takes care of this, as well as baby wipes and hand sanitizer. We got gallons of lotions in 4 oz bottles.

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    "when i die i'll donate my body to science too see how big my smoke ring is " great quote!!!
    Lump it's what i'm cooking over.
  11. memphisbud

    memphisbud Smoke Blower

    4 Years USMC, still proud. Once and Always a Marine.

    Logistics, Motor Pool, Artillery....

    Parris Island, Norfolk, Camp Lejeune, Okinawa, Camp Fuji Ja, and back to Lejeune.

    Out in 84, but always in.

    Cryptic enough?[​IMG]
  12. phodog

    phodog Newbie

    *75 to 79 jimmy pnut Navy, Proud to have served. Torpedoman forever. Rock On!
  13. seboke

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    Bumping the thread...

    More military alumni have joined recently. Got kids in the service (Ken)? Let's hear about em!!!!
  14. jazzspot

    jazzspot Fire Starter

    USAF-Retired: 1977-1998, 21 years of active duty service
    Enjoyed my career very much. It gave me the opportunity to have relationships with so many people, cultures, and places in the world. And definitely steered me in the right direction to improve my life choices which made me mature to be a decent and responsible citizen, man, husband, and father.

    Security Police: 1977-1983
    Command and Control: 1983-1998
    Grand Forks AFB, ND
    RAF Upper Heyford, UK
    McChord AFB, WA
    RAF Molesworth, UK
    Buechel AB, Germany
    McGuire AFB, NJ
    Balikesir AB, Turkey
    McGuire AFB, NJ
    And numerous TDYs and deployments throughout my 21 years of service.
  15. hardluck

    hardluck Newbie SMF Premier Member

    Guess I'm The Old Timer, Us Coast Guard 1957 - 1963, Mostly Aids To Navigation & Search & Rescue. Enjoyed It But Was Glad To Get On With Something Else.
  16. shellbellc

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    Marine Corps up!!!
    87 - 91
    Parris Island, 29 Palms, Okinawa, Korea, Camp Lejeune, 29 Palms, Camp Lejeune, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Camp Lejeune. Served Desert Shield/Storm. Got out in June 91. Primary Marksmanship Instructor, Field Radio Operator, & dit dah ditter...

    Had a great time, mostly glad I got out cept' I could've retired by now!

    For a great military web site, check out I don't think they have army yet. It's a great database though for the ones that are USMC, NAVY, and Air Force. It's a great place to find people you served with, I've found four women I was in boot camp with!
  17. USAF
    1981 - 1985
    Flight Simulator Spe******t - F111A
    366th Component Repair Squadron/366th TFW
    Mountain Home AFB, Idaho

    Those were good times...
  18. dingle

    dingle Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    A big thank you to all the special people in our armed forces, past and present!!
  19. bbqgoddess

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    Seboke you said you were gonna do it and ya did!

    I can not tell you how cool those pix from you first post were...I am in California, I am almost of the things that keeps me going is my love of sports..I used to love Baseball (As much but it has changed...a lot)..As I do love My NASCAR and my hockey...In hockey we honor both the U.S.A & Candian Flags..If you are a true hockey fan you can sing the Canadian National Anthem..while you are at a game....I live day by day with people taking advantage of the civil liberties that some one else has fought and died for...and (Thank GOD) during racing season I see a tribute to our armed services every Sunday....
    Please lets pot some more tributes to the men and women far from home, doing what makes them feel a little closer to home..perhaps showing someone from such a less fortunate place something new...even if it is just a new way too cook bbq...
    Seboke You are my hero...
    THANK YOU!!!



  20. grillin_all_day

    grillin_all_day Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    USAF 2000-current
    Command and Control (Command Post Controller)
    SSgt (E-5)
    Assignments include:
    Holloman AFB, NM (200-2004)
    Osan AB, Republic of Korea (2004-2005)
    Cannon AFB, NM (2005-2007)
    Wright-Patterson AFB, OH (2007-current)

    I was also deployed to Al Jaber AB, Kuwait from Nov. 2002 - May 2003 and had the distinct pleasure of serving my country during Operation Iraqi Freedom. What originally turned out to be a 90 day deployment, turned into 183!

    I love every minute of it and wouldn't trade it for anything! I definately have the best job in the world!

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