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  1. Ok.. so I may have mentioned.. .though I can not remember.. that I am having a "gathering" .. I dont like to use the word "Party" because  I am in my 40s and in my teens and early 20s a party was.. well.. I am sure most of us have an idea of what a "party" was back then.. so I try to use the term "gathering" to sound fancier and more mature... but really.. who am I kidding there will be plenty of beverages and food.. just not that other "special herb" so many "experimented" with... anywho....

    I went to the local Giant supermarket because they have a special this week on pork.. $.99 a pound...yeah.. damn good price I think... and wanted to get a pork shoulder to smoke to try out the Jeffs dry rub that I just bought ( yeah.. I read most of the thread over there relating to " $20 .. a bit steep for a recipe" and I figure.. if they guy is charging $20 for it... and reading everywhere the many good reviews for it.. it has to be good... and further as it was can spend $10 for a one use prepacked rub.. this one.. I can make a heap of it.. put it in my foodsaver vac bag chuck it in the freezer and I am way ahead of the rubbing game... ok.. I am way off my original thought already.. sorry fellas...

    ok.. so as i was walking through I noticed they have Mango, Peach, Pear and Guava nectar on sale as well .. .5 for $5 (1 qt boxs)

    and the Pear and Mango caught my eye and mind and made me immediately start thinking... Mango... I LOVE...Pulled Pork.. I LOVE...I HAVE to be able to put these two together somehow. I picked up a box of the peach, Mango, and Pear...and thought.. the fellas at SMF will have to have used Mango nectar at some point...I searched and found nothing that addressed it.

    Question 1: anyone use Mango as an brine, injection, spray, in the water pan.. anything???

    Question 2: care to share it with me and the world how you utilized it as well as how did it turn out?

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  2. You know... I'd inject it with a bit of brown sugar and salt water. Rub that baby down. Mop it every so often with that mango cha cha! I'd use some heat. White pepper or cayenne in that rub. Enough to pop. I find white pepper has a nice sting that doesn't linger as long as say the cayenne will. But I'm all on that sweet heat with pork. I'll return to see what you've come up with. Oh and as not to compete with your awesome glaze, maybe a little oak for your smoke. Very light smoke. Idk just thinking.
  3. Lumpy... I am I. The kitchen and am starting to trim the hunk o meat now... I will certainly try your suggestion since I was kinda thinking of just a mango and lightly salted water...kind of a taste test thing to find that balance of " hey... I think that tastes like a mango... That washed up on the beach...minus the sand" flavor... I will throw in some brown sugar just because I is a pic of the meat...all 9lbs of it... Thinking of cutting it in half so I don't have to cook it as long... But trimming the skin off so I can get Jeff's rub alllll over it
  4. Man that looks awesome! So last weekend I smoked a butt seasoned in a traditional Puerto Rican way. What happens with the skin there is you basically peel it back. Take your knife under the skin and slice it off but leave it attached, if that makes sense. This way you expose that meat under the skin and are then able to season the entire shoulder or butt while keeping the skin as like a moisture barrier. Some folks don't like the skin. But hey thanks for the idea and please post your finished product!
  5. Ok... so.. here is the meat all trimmed...

    I learned a thing doing this... a sharp GOOD set of knives saves TONS of hard work... adding that to my birthday wish list

    always make sure you have enough ingredients for what you are doing ... well i knew this before because I love to cook... but when you make brine.. you need salt...thought I had a spare...the only spare I had was being used and almost empty

    make sure you have a decent container to brine in...I was going to stuff this into a vac bag.. didnt have any 12" rolls.. only 8".. do I ended up with this....

    Which seems to going to work just fine...but either way... I dont like how it looks in the fridge

    so to combat the running out of salt.. I dumped a quart of veggie broth in with the brine.. has like 960mg of sodium per serving... whats the worst that can happen.. plus .. .its "use by date" is .. well.. was yesterday. then I remember I have the Season All.. so I added a hit or two of that and mixed it all up.. tasted it.. not too shabby really.. for salt water.

    I kept the skin and threw it on top of the hunk o meat.....

    and will likely utilize it as a cover of sorts once I rub the meat down with Jeffs rub and put it in the smoker.. I figure maybe add it a couple hours in to the smoke on top of the meat so its juice and drizzle down into it.. sounds good in my head...

    going to prepare the injection/spray of Mango nectar, salt, some white pepper and brown sugar.

    I managed to find a couple veins/arteries I think I will try to inject directly into them... it works in us humans to distribute things.. perhaps it will work in swine to do the same? In theory .. it "should work"... nothing left to do with this for the day except watch it brine...
  6. Pow! Hey that's a good job trimming. Looks like you're good with a knife.
  7. timberjet

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    Looking good. I kind of caution against injecting. Unfortunately when you inject you have to treat it like you would ground meat which means maybe a little higher heat and less time in the smoker. I hope I don't open up a big can of worms here but just thought I would remind. 40 to 140 in 4 hours or less and you are golden. If you inject that is. If not the rule does not apply.
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  8. Timberjet... again.. something I did not think about...perhaps I will just use the Mango concoction as a mop/spray.. I am dying to use mango something or another.. some way or another in this smoke... add a little Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum to the Mango juice with a touch of apple cider dump in a spray bottle..... I WILL utilize the Mango one way or another...

    for now.. I have to mix my rub awhile because it is looking like I will have to put this thing in the smoker later tonight and want the rub to be ready.. though I wont be able to let the rub "soak" for a few hours before smoking... which if i am not reading should do that...oh hell.. I just realized I dont have mustard as a stickin agent for the rub....I forgot to get it this morning because I was excited to get the shoulder for $.99 lb.....ugggggghhhhhhhh
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    I've used olive oil instead of mustard-works fine. David.
  10. timberjet

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    Mayo works too. You could use the mango in place of apple juice when you foil if you foil. You could also make a finishing sauce like chef jj's and use mango instead of apple as well. I bet it would be great.
  11. timberjet

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    The only problem with oil is that it does tend to inhibit bark formation. That said I use olive oil mayo. I actually like it better than mustard for stickum.
  12. timberjet

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  13. OHHHHhhhh... well.. that is printed and on the list for the finishing sauce.. of course I will post results...I will have to divide it in half and make half mango and other half plain to see whats what...
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    Mango on anything makes it better!! 
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    I can give you a mango chipotle bbq sauce recipe if you're interested.

    I'm more of a guava man myself! ;)
  16. @Welshrarebit I'm all ears if you're willing to give the recipe 😎
  17. welshrarebit

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    I'll be at my pm job in a couple hours... We use it on our ribs.
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    I forgot I had in on my phone...


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  19. On it! Thank you sir
  20. Ohhhh the 1/2lb of butter has me sold... Printing this for future use!

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