First RF smoker- 115 gal propane tank

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by slowjeep, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. truckerbob

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    I used 3/8 fiberglass rope for wood stove doors. Works great after 1 season, but if I had to do it again, I'd put it on the door BEFORE I mounted the door to the smoker.
  2. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    Thanks Bob.  Did you use high temp adhesive to hold the glass rope to the door?
  3. Use oven door adhesive, it cures when heated.
  4. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    How well does it stay on?  Seems like it wouldn't last for many seasons.
  5. It's some type of food grade silicone, going on 4 years holding my rope in the channel.
  6. truckerbob

    truckerbob Smoke Blower

    I use the high temp cement recommended by the rope manufacturer. There was no odor, and it cures under heat. I'm starting to get some pull away, but I'd blame that on operator error than anything else.
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  7. I have used the cement recommended and did not have good luck , went with 3M spray Adhesive recommended for high heat worked really well.

  8. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    Thanks guys.  I ordered seals and adhesive from some online store that sells just that stuff.  Haven't been able to get much done on the grill.  I did manage to squeeze off a few hours today.  Time change isn't going to do this project any favors.  

    I cut up a bunch of pecan wood this morning.  Should be ready for pig day.

    This is why I don't get much done.

    Bad night shot of today's progress.

    I got the seal surface made and tacked in.  I also cut the door from the 3/8 plate I picked up the other day.  Hope to weld on the hinges to the CC door while it's rotated back.  I originally planned to use bullet hinges but I'm leaning more towards some home brew jobbers made from two different sizes of square tubing.  

    Might be another week before I get to update again.  
  9. pappaj

    pappaj Newbie

    It's looking great.  Since the smoker will be level on its trailer or cart, do you slope the RF pan toward the drain, for easier cleaning?
  10. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    Originally, I was going to bend the plate and slope it.  That was before I had 3/8" material.  Not sure how I'm going to tackle that now.
  11. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    I was wondering the same thing about sloping the RF plate. I suppose you could get your slope by slightly lowering it on that end when you place it on the trailer. Im just thinking out loud since I'm also wondering myself.

    Kool looking Kiddo....
  12. Most drippings will be vaporized on the RF plate and not go anywhere besides creating a build up of " crud " on the plate, no escaping that problem.  Higher fat content meats cooked below 250 degrees could create a mess and need somewhere to drip to. Make sure you design it so you can scrape it out without a big pain in the behind.
  13. What I have done when I want to put a bend in a heavy plate and dont have access to a break is.....use a straight edge and cut half way through the steel with a cut off wheel , then heat along the cut with a torch and bend it to the desired possition, then weld the cut back up. It gives you a clean "broke" look on the inside of the pan.

    Just an ideal.
  14. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    Thanks for the tip. I'll probably put the rf plate a little tilted and weld in a drain. We'll see...
  15. I made my RF plates (2) removable that way I have access underneath    Just a thought

  16. mthoward91

    mthoward91 Newbie

    slowJEEP, I know I am new to the forum, so excuse my ignorance, and believe me, that there is no way I could do anything you have done so far, I am in complete awe of your abilities, but, from everything I have read, and from looking on the pictures you have posted, why did you put the door to your firebox on the front of the box, and not the side, furthest from tank?  I would think that if the door were in the side, you would be better able to keep smoke moving into the tank/grill area when putting more wood in the box?  Also, you could control how much fire actually gets into the tank, as you would be able to control where you build the fire in the box.  Hotter temperatures, deeper in the box, lower temperatures, further towards the door, and further away from the tank/grill.

    Again, I'm not saying how you are doing it is wrong, I'm just asking why, besides the obvious, as that's the front of the grill and wouldn't have to move to the side to add more wood.
  17. Some people like to load from the front instead of the end, has a lot to do with where they plan on using the smoker, the things about the fire can be accomplished with either design, I would recommend still installing the vents on the end so as the path of air is still in a straight line.
  18. I am with R W  both are correct as long as vents are in line with FB to CC opening. Matter of personal preference I have had both, currant smoker opens from the end.

  19. On a patio size, or stationary cooker, I usually go with front or top load firebox, On a trailer build, I usually go with end load.  I like to be able to jack the tongue up and let everything flow out real good when washing.
  20. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    I plan on having the vent on the side and I chose the door to be on the front because it felt right.  No real good reason.   I'm having a big party in one month so I need to get the show on the road.  

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