First RF smoker- 115 gal propane tank

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by slowjeep, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Is that a galvanized stack?

  2. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    Yep.  I agitated it in a bucket of diluted muriatic acid to remove zinc from the surfaces in the cooker and where I had to weld.  

    I was able to get outside and work on it some more.  Next step is the doors.  

    Good times.
  3. Be smoking in no time

  4. big roy

    big roy Newbie

    That tank is a nice size will make a nice smoker Good Luck have fun
  5. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    Got a little work done today.  Flanging the lid is a pain.  All I have is .188 x 2 and it's tough to bend but it turned out better than I expected.

    I had to heat the parts on either end to get it bent.  I guess I'll go behind and weld it up solid and cross my fingers that it doesn't pretzel.  

  6. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    Got the other side done tonight. Went a lot easier.  My big C-clamp was a lot stronger after some lube.  Hope to score some good metal at the scrap yard tomorrow.
  7. big roy

    big roy Newbie

    looking Good are you going to mount on a trailer or just put legs on it ?
  8. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    I originally planned to put just legs but I'm thinking it is going to be really heavy.  Have been kicking around mounting some tires to it to facilitate moving it around the yard and onto my trailer.
  9. big roy

    big roy Newbie

    the smoker that is my profile picture I did that with smaller smoker to heavy to move . Im starting now that will have 4 tires and the front two will have a pull handle and will steer the tires are off a golf cart kind of fat (wide) nice talking Keep posting pictures so we can watch I will do the same
  10. Make you some steel wheels !!!

  11. Any new updates ?

  12. pigbark

    pigbark Smoke Blower

    I like that tank size... good job , keep it up...
  13. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    Not much to update Gary.  I'm a little further along on the lid.  I made a good score at the scrap yard to finish off the lid and the FB door.  I've been thinking about what I'm going to use for the RF plate.  Does anyone have a thought on what thickness to make it?  
  14. 1/4 "   works good   that is what we use.

  15. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    The plate I picked up from the yard looked a little thick and I was hoping it was just 5/16 but it is a full 3/8".  The door and the RF plate are going to be ultra heavy.  Conveniently, my friend offered an old boat trailer earlier today.  I did a little welding and cutting this morning.

    I test fit the lid and confirmed my wife's suggestion that i shouldn't have welded the inside.  I've since cut 1/4" or so from the tank around the opening.  It was freehand with the gas ax and looks it.  I envisioned using a gasket to seal the lid and the FB door but I haven't seen one on the few smokers I've examined.  Are gaskets necessary?
  16. slowjeep

    slowjeep Fire Starter

    Test fit the lid went well.  I burnt a piece of paper in there just to see something come out of the stack.  When possible, I prefer my gratification to be instant.

  17. gyeakle

    gyeakle Fire Starter

    Looking really nice
  18. Looking Good !!

  19. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    I'm liking this the photos are great....
  20. hey, I have one of those.


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