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  1. Brewing beer is a great way to pass the time while Smoking Meat. The initial costs for the equipment and ingredienst run about $125.00 - $150.00. This is normally all of the equipment you will need including the ingredients, bottles and such to brew your first beer. You normally will need as large a pot as possible, if you have one that will hold 6 gallons of water the is great. I would strongly recommend, 15 years of expierence talking here, you brew on a turkey fryer outdoors. If you boil over on the stove, you WILL find parts of the stove you didn't know existed when cleaning up.

    The process on brew day normally takes between 2.5 - 3 hours complete. You then have to be patient (I know....tough) an wait about 2.5 - 3 weeks doing a couple of things at different times along the way but you will be drinking homemade premium beer in a month. Yum!!!!

    Bottom line...if you can boil can make beer.

    Here is a link to a great site with lots of information:

    They have a great homebrewing forum there with many fine brewers who share their experiences just like you guys.
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    About 10 years ago I was into brewing beer a lot. It was a great experience and the results were good and not-so-good. The one thing I would pass on is to be PRECISE in your measurements. It is amazing what a difference that makes in the final product.
  3. I would also add to be very clean. I brewed 120 gallons this past Saturday. Gonna fill a 55 Gallon Bourbon Barrel (Jim Beam) with a 12.6% Barleywine style and let it age for a year or two.
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    Thanks a lot for the info guys. i'm going to look into this.
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    Followed by

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
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    Dang, that makes be thirsty! [​IMG]
  8. I prefer Mirror Pond Pale Ale if I want something with flavor. If I am looking to consume copious quantities of meat and beer, i will step it back a bit, usually to miller lite.
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    Shiner Blonde from my kegerator. [​IMG]

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    Is Shiner Blonde anything like Shiner Bock? Looks good either way, even at 5:00am!!
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    I had some Tap Room 21 Amber Ale over the weekend pretty good stuff. Had never had any Tap Room 21 before but have heard good things about it so gave it a shot. Was really good and will probably get it again but going to try several others first.

    Was at the grocery yesterday and go some Erie Brewing company Railbender Ale. Have not tried it yet, anyone ever had it?
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    Railbender was great! If you like Amber Ales this is one of the best I've had. Watch out though, 6.8%!
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    I no longer drink alcohol but when I do take a trip to British Columbia, I must have a pint of Shaftsbury Cream Ale. It's got such a smooth and rich taste that it would coat the tongue after a nice bit of Q.

    Being that it's Canadian beer, it's also more potent. Bottoms' Up!!
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    Chimay Blue Label
    Also like Chimay Red Label
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    For Hefeweizens it's Widmer, Gordon Biersch, and Pyramid in that order. Widmer was the first to brew what we know as American Style Hefeweizen in America.
  17. Chimay is awesome. It is my special occasion beer. I was on a kick of trying new beers about 20 years ago and saw a bottle at the liquor store with a cork. Being that it was in the beer section, it caught my eye. I've been hooked every since. The blue label is my favorite, too.

    My everyday beer is Shiner Bock.
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    X2 I also like to add some crown and coke if its cold out.
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    Abita Pecan, Abita Strawberry and Abita Amber and Abita Purple Haze are my favorites. All local Louisiana beers. Outside of the local realm I like New Castle and Karlsburg.

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    Terminal Gravity IPA.

    I also love Sierra Nevada pale ale. If it isn't one of those two or some killer deal I cannot pass up I go for the good ole Pabst.

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