Babybacks in oven.....I forgot my wood.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lspilot82, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I forgot my wood for my smoker like the real genius i am so i decided to throw them in the oven at 230 and still use the 2-2-1 method. Will this be ok and should they turn out decent?
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    Forgot your wood...tsk tsk.
    As long as you learned your lesson.
    It is always a good idea to stock up on wood, not sure what you burn but you could always pick up logs where they sellf firewood, no pine though, and cut it yourself, that way you are sure to have plenty on hand.

    As for the 4 letter word o-v-e-n, I assume they will still turn out fine. Temp is temp for the most part.
    Do you have any oak furniture you don't want anymore [​IMG]
  3. I do st louis cut in the oven in a pinch: baste them with mustard, hit them with rub, rap them in foil. 3 hours they are done. Finish them under the broiler to carmelize sugar in rub if needed.
  4. I hardly have any furniture at all. I have a plastic christmas tree but i dont think that would work to well. I will never forgot my wood again.
  5. At what temp do you use with the oven.
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    I've done babybacks many times in the oven. First wrap them in your choice of clear plastic wrap with the plan of having meat side down. Makes sure the rib is totally wrapped even if you have to put on second strip of plastic from the bone side. Then wrap the rib in foil, no tent, but a snug wrap. Cook them in the preheated oven @ 225 for 2.5hrs, or, 4-6 racks I let it go 3hr. ONce the cooking time is up, with the bone side up and the meat laying in the juices, cut open the wraps down to the rib. Be careful 'cuz alot of steam is gonna come out. Let them sit opened up like that till they are room temp to accomplish 2 things: 1) The ribs will fall apart when first opened and you need to let them firm up before handling, 2) the ribs will absorb back some of the juices while cooling down. (you can do taste tests at this point though) Once at room temp they can be removed with long tongs and slopped up with sauce to be placed under the broiler for carmelization (just shy of turning black)...Of course... all of this is done AFTER you've rinsed them, dried them, removed the membrane, and put your favorite rub on. I'd say good luck but this is time tested and a sure deal, my family loves them this way...
  7. Sounds good. Ive already started them using the 221 method, i just wrapped them foil and apple juice. I still hope they turn out ok. Im kinda worried.
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    I did the oven thing once. That time I was trying to sort out the proportions of ingredients in my rub, so I did a rack in the oven following the 2-2-1 method. They came out smoke flavor but it helped me sort out the rub and it helped me understand/see the 1/4" pullback thing before moving on to the next step. Never needed to go back to the oven for ribs again....
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    I have smoked them 3 hours in the MES to get that great smokey flavour then finished them in the oven when I had two smokerfuls to do and not enough time to do them in. It allowed me to do enough for the party and both smokes turned out ok.

    You get 4 demerit points for forgetting the wood. You can make them up by posting qview of your smoke. Caution don't include pic of the actual oven in the shots or you will be deducted additional penalty demerit points.

    PS 2-2-1 or 3-2-1 in the oven works fine. I put a bowl of water in with it because my oven is quite dry.
  10. I will try to get some pics up as soon as there done. I just pulled them out after 1 hour of being wrapped and there was a good amount of pullback but they were still tough, i stuck the fork in them and lifted up, i know thats not suppose to happen, so wrapped them up again with some wine, since i was out of juice and they are back in the oven for another hour. I hope they turn out.
  11. falconrod

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    (pssst, don't peek and let the heat out)[​IMG]
  12. gnubee

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    That is the correct thing to do , the foil should tenderize them right up. If they become too tender, which can happen, to the point where you pick them up and the bones literally fall out, you can put them back in the oven unwrapped for about 30 min or so at 230f and they will tighten up just about right.
  13. To late now but you could have painted a little liquid smoke on them and made believe you smoked them.[​IMG]
  14. LoL, ya couldve. Well guys there done, i unwraped them after just over 2 hours and they are still pretty tough. Could it be that my oven is to hot maybe, and also will over cooking them make them tough. When i did spare ribs in the oven a couple weeks ago i did them at 2-2-1 and they were perfect....i really dont know where i messed up besides them not bein on the smoker.
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    i'm guessin your layin the blame on the oven, you need to man up and accept that you forgot the wood! now go out and chop up a cord or two and think about what you've done!

    let this be a lesson young man
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    You could check your oven with your probe thermo to see how accurate the setting is on your o**en. If it's pretty close it could also be the quality of the ribs. Just a shot in the dark.
  17. They were officially the toughest ribs i ever had or made. They we way overcooked and even 2 hours wrapped up didnt do anything. At least the rub and bbq sauce made them somewhat edible. Lesson learnt, dont forget the wood.
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    You know my wife said that exact same thing to me recently -LOL
  19. falconrod

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    Follow this procedure without "checking them", adding wine or anything else, or even opening the oven door, and you'll produce outstanding ribs...
    Your ribs were probably not overcooked, they just weren't left alone to cook...
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    I've seen Lagasse make them this way - with the plastic wrap. I was never sure it would really work. How does it not melt?

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