At the Crossroads of Smoking and Whiskey - Bourbonites Unite!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bvbull200, Sep 11, 2013.

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    As for bourbon, it's pretty amazing living in the south.  There is so much quality bourbon that's at a bargain price.

    I cannot say enough good things about Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch.  For less than $15 for a 750, you will not find a higher quality bourbon.  Period.  This stuff should easily be +$30.

    Very Old Barton is also quality stuff.

    Old Forrester is good for the money ~$17.

    My standby is plain old Evan Williams black label.  I'll buy this above pretty much any other bourbon because of the price to quality ratio.  It is complex enough to sip, but cheap enough that you don't feel bad about mixing it.  All in all, it is extremely solid and often overlooked.

    Something that comes highly recommended to me is Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year bourbon.  It's sub ~$20 and supposedly has the complexity of a $50 small batch.  Too bad I can't find it in Nashville.
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    You can put it on me only if I can put my upcoming bourbon purchase on you ;)
    You are my hero.  I had some bacon bourbon at a bar once and immediately thought it would be better to try it with a rye.  I've never done it before, though.  I will DEFINITELY be trying your recipe, though.  Good choice in rye as well ;).
    Fine reason to drink the stuff.  Thanks for your service!
    Sooooo smooth.  I have to put it on birthday and Christmas wish lists, though.  
  3. bvbull200

    bvbull200 Smoke Blower

    By the way, great posts everyone.  Exactly what I hoped this thread would be.
  4. Make what you like......It is just like good Q
  5. bvbull200

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    I'm too new at this to know what I like ;).
  6. Not only do I once again second the aforementioned recommendations of larceny and buffalo trace, the wife recently found that buffalo trace makes a "bourbon creme". Think Irish cream with more of a bourbon taste. That stuff is pretty awesome for a different bourbon experience.

    Also, I did use some bourbon in a couple of my previous smokes. Did the braided pork tenderloin with an apple bourbon glaze before smoking. It was pretty delicious. The first time I used bourbon in a smoke was in a smoked whole chicken. I used it mainly as a mop throughout the smoke and it just had a hint of bourbon flavor. Think next time an injection would be the better route with chicken.
  7. In my vast experience with finishing sauces (I think all of two tries) it impacted the flavor a lot. However, I do recommend the finishing sauce. There is a lot of great recipes on here for finishing sauces. Last time I tried JJ's finishing sauce. It really accentuated the flavor of the meat and I highly recommend it.
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    I'm a traditional Jack Daniels sipper myself. However, using it in a foil seems like a great idea to me, I'm very excited to try that. I have a friend who has dabble with bourbon as an injection in brisket and he says it turns out really nicely. My question is, more of a curiostiy actually, has anyone tried injecting Kaluha in pork? I'm wondering if the sweetness would compliment it.
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    I read of an injection comprised of bourbon, honey, blackberry jam, and pepper.  There is a whiskey called Bird Dog Blackberry, which is, as the name suggests, a blackberry flavored whiskey.  It has the elements of a whiskey, but is a different experience altogether.  Actually tastes like cherry coke when mixed with diet coke.  I might give Bird Dog, honey, and black pepper a try for the injection.  Pretty simple injection and should add just a hint of whiskey flavor to the meat.  I'll leave the rest of the flavor to the rub and finishing sauce.

    Looking forward to the smoke this weekend!
  10. bvbull200

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    Well...I just put 3 butts on and 1 lamb shank that I bought for the hell of it.  No clue how that will turn out, but we'll see.

    Here is where the whiskey comes in.

    1 of the butts is injected with a mixture of agave nectar, black pepper, and Bird Dog Blackberry whiskey.  I then rubbed it with an off-the-shelf rub from Salt Lick.

    The lamb shank was marinaded overnight in a mixture of bourbon (Four Roses) and olive oil.  I then sprinkled it with salt, ground pepper, and fresh rosemary.  I'm figuring around 10 hours for the pork, but only around 4 hours or so on the lamb shank.  That should make a nice little snack around lunch time :).

    As for drinks, since I have to work tomorrow, it won't be too much, but probably will have a glass or two of Dalmore 15 year and then have some Four Roses mixes the rest of the way out.
  11. bvbull200

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    You all must have had too much to drink last night.

    The lamb shank came off after around 5 hours or so:

    Then after it rested for a little while:

    This was marinaded in olive oil, bourbon, salt, pepper, and rosemary.  Turned out pretty good.
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    I used some Benchmark whiskey during the foil portion of my 3-2-1 ribs (Johnny trig style). They were quite tasted and tender. I don't know much about whiskey, but the guy at the liqueur store said Benchmark was cheap but good enough to drink. I think my favorite sip'in whiskey has to be that JD honey, man that stuff is dangerous :)
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    that shank looks fantastic.

    as for having too much to drink, i wish.  we've got a 10 day old that is keeping me away from smoking and away from sleeping, but that's okay.

    Maybe soon: [​IMG]
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    I am sorry. I have never understood the attraction to bourbon. If you want to cook with a nice whiskey flavour, I prefer rye (you call it Canadian whiskey). For cooking, Canadian Club or 5 Crown. For sipping, Alberta Springs.

    Another great whiskey for cooking is Irish. It has the smooth taste of Scotch without the peaty taste, For cooking, Bushmills or Jamesons. For sipping, Red Breast or Jameson 18 Year Old.

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    I can understand your thoughts as I was always a fan of Rye vs Bourbon, that is until I had some of the smaller distillers, Buffalo Trace or Eagle Rare... so much flavor.
  16. Currently have a Boston butt on that was injected with a mix of bourbon and apple cider. I also opened and marinated Thai hot peppers in the mix prior to injection. Gonna be an all nighter. Will let you know how it turns out. I used some wild turkey 101 in the injection. Kinda low end but couldn't bring myself to use my buffalo trace or larceny on this test run.

    Also have a Cincinnati chili fatty, brisket, and another butt on. Gonna be a meat fest at my house tomorrow!:yahoo:
  17. Some great research. I would love to visit the Jack Daniel's distillery. Being from Calif it probably won't be for awhile!!
  18. I'm gonna have to try this!! Bacon and bourbon sound good too!!
  19. I have to agree with that!! The first time I tied it I told the wife that this stuff could get me in trouble. It's so smooth and good I don't know when to stop!
  20. That's the way I drink it! Maybe a couple of ice cubes, but that's it. Why buy the good stuff if you're going to mix it?

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