WSM Owners---What do you use???

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by abokol, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. abokol

    abokol Smoke Blower

    WSM owners, what do you place your lid and or middle section of your smoker on when you open it up???? I had my smoker on a synthetic deck, have since moved it to a paver patio. I noticed though when I set it down it on the ground you run the risk of scratching the enamel and/or staining your deck/patio with the moist smoke residue from the inside of the smoker or melting the synthetic decking. I saw one post where a guy used a couple of 2x4 squares to keep them off the ground. i have been using an old beach towel around here. Any suggestions are appreciated!

  2. chisoxjim

    chisoxjim Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I have a grill matt I bought from Home Depot, big enough for the WSM, and for me to set the lid or middle section on
  3. smokin' dick

    smokin' dick Smoking Fanatic

    2 18" 2x4's parallel to each other work well here. I'm set up on grass.
  4. reichl

    reichl Meat Mopper

    I use a large metal oil drip pan you can pick up at any auto store (got mine at auto zone). It also is large enough to stand the WSM and the lid on. Only $4 too!
  5. herkysprings

    herkysprings Smoking Fanatic

    Same, except I have my WSM bottom on the ground, and I use the grill mat to put the lid / mid section on when it is not on the WSM. Works good.
  6. abokol

    abokol Smoke Blower

    I have a grill mat that i had under the smoker on the synthetic deck, didn't really think about that but i think i'll give that a shot.
  7. caveman

    caveman Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Same here!!! Don't want to scratch that puppy.

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