Wow a Group for the female smokers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pineywoods, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. pineywoods

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  2. I didn't know it exists! Exciting!
  3. humdinger

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    Can anyone join? [​IMG][​IMG]JK
  4. Sure, how are your legs in a skirt? Just kidding, I'm sure you're welcome, but at least get a cute apron k?
  5. bluewhisper

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    I admit that because I'm a foodie, I'd rather be cooking in the kitchen with the women, than sitting and watching a game on TV with the guys.

    "Men will cook when there is danger involved" but that doesn't exclude women from grilling and smoking.
  6. I am the one that grills and smokes at my house and truth be told, my husband is pretty proud of what I can do. I'll cook with the boys any day, and most of the time I do it better than most of the guys I run into around here. Which hubby thinks is hilarious :)

    I really love smf because there is such a lack of "boys only" here. I've felt accepted and never been made to feel that i can't "run with the big boys". I've learned so much and you guys share what you know so freely. I really appreciate that! A place where all the ladies can connect and get to know each other is gonna be a lot of fun.
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  7. humdinger

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    Agreed. Jeff and the admins do a great job keeping this an "intimidation free" forum; whether it be helping newbies feel welcome or women feel comfortable and confident in what is typically a male dominated hobby.

    Smoking meat requires patience and humility, and I think those traits carry over to most of the fine people who frequent this forum.

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