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  1. I just finish reading my second edition of the 5 day smoking class. It was excellent. Lots of great info. I also agree with your choice of woods Jeff, mainly I guess because that's what we have available here in the center of the Gulf Coast of Texas. We have several types of oaks here, but my favorite is our Live Oak. It has a great temperature range and gives meat a really nice flavor. It burns a little slower than Mesquite but it works really nice. 

    Of course, mesquite is just God's perfect smoking wood. I love a brisket cooked on straight mesquite coals. 

    Pecan, as you mentioned gives meat a really nice flavor too and makes a really manageable fire. The truth be known, Any of these in my opinion are interchangeable. But if I'm using wood chips with Charcoal, I want Mesquite, hickory, or even cherry chips because they are stronger and can impart a beautiful wood smoke into the meat, even when using relatively inert tasting charcoal.

    Edited to add: I also agree with you on black walnut, but for a little different reason, leave that for Gun Stocks and Furniture.
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