Wood Fired Pizza Oven For Slow Cooked Meat

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  1. I have recently, well 3 years and still working on, a wood fired pizza oven. After an evening of cooking pizza or other fun high heat dishes, I let the oven cool to around 300F. I have tried several dishes like pork shoulder dry rubbed and enclosed in foil, put into a cast iron pot. Slip this into the oven and close the metal door. Next day while the oven is still at 200F inside, slide out the dish and serve. Yummm.

    Mosaic not completed yet.

    Next I want to build a large BBQ for smoking ribs etc.

    Capt. Paul

  2. lancer

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    Hello Paul

    Either that's a small pizza or a big oven!  The decoratative tiles are over the top but in a good way.  I suspect Nancy (the sane one here on the farm) would take a dim view of me doing something like that.

    Welcome to the herd and please, where is Granite Falls?

  3. It's 42" inside diameter. It's only a 12" pizza.

    Granite Falls is in Washington state (At least mine is as there are several).
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    I've shot registered target at your gun club... Very nice club and nice folks...
  5. lancer

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    That's a handy size.  I get that Granite Falls in in WA but where in WA?  I was stationed at Fort Lewis for a few years and traveled a lot of the state. 

  6. Lance,

    Way North of Fort Lewis, Northeast of Seattle.

  7. lancer

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    Ahhmaybe 40 miles north of any of the areas I speant time in west of the Cascades.   I'll bet it's a pretty area.  I didn't think any part of WA wasn't pretty.  When I came back from West Berlin in 1980 settling in western WA was a toss up to the Finger Lakes area of NY.  Central NY was 2,000 miles closer to family so here we are.

    Have a great evening.


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