wireless bbq thermometer questions

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  1. neal90

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    Not sure if this has been asked in the past. But I have been looking online for a thermometer that will have 3 things. 1 wireless 2 tells the temp of the food and 3 what the temp inside the smoker is. Most of the stuff I have found online only tells the temp of the food not the temp of inside the actual smoker, thanks for the help
  2. lamar

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    Most of the popular wireless units have two probes. Therefore, you can monitor whatever you want to.
  3. wade

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    The most popular thermometers on here are the Maverick ET-732 and ET-733. Both are dual probe and wireless. The 733 has a few more soft features than the 732 and it has probes that can individually configured as meat or chamber probes. The 732 has fixed usage probes - one meat and one chamber. I have both types and they are both very good. 
  4. drewed

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    Some of us use the Igrill2.  4 probes for either food or smoker temp.  The only down side is the range of the blue tooth can be a little short.
  5. mummel

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    +1 for Mac 733.  Personally I would avoid Bluetooth.

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