Will try my hand at Salami tomarrow

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by trainman, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. This will be my first time .I'm using a store bought mix with venison and beef...If it turns out bad atleast the dogs will eat good.I have not decided what wood to use for smoke might try a mixture of oak and hickory..
  2. roller

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    Good Luck...we like alot of Q-view !!!!
  3. Well my grinder took a crap so i was unable to stuff the meat.So I'm gonna smoke with out the casings and see what happens..I made 2" rolls laid the out on the racks Went with hickory and oak wood chips on the smoke hollow smoker 250 degrees ,will see what happens..The grinder did have some good use out of it, was a little upset a first ,but now I have an excuse to upgrade .
  4. So after 1 hr checked on meat holding together good ,kick the temp down some looking good..[​IMG]
  5. I rolled the meat over turned down temp ..get it to about 160 degrees see what happens
  6. Finished 162 degrees internal temp.try ed a piece not bad,might cut back on the black pepper some.Off to the fridge too cool down and let the flavors set up

  7. Taste test with sharp Cheddar and olives and some brown mustard,not bad for my first time.

  8. roller

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    I make it and smoke it without the casings all the time...
  9. jrod62

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    looks good,

    I like to wait a few weeks to eat the ones I make. seem to get better with time.
  10. Jrod Thanks ,thats my plan i got some bags made by LEM and got the meat in ther to age...
  11. I let the Salami set for a week.Fried up some with an egg not a  bad sandwich..Letting the meat sit for a week made a big difference in the taste

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