What's the verdict on this one?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by pops6927, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. pops6927

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  2. pops6927

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    They also list this one too:


    Just lookin' at what's available near me is all..

    have a friend who's custom built his own w/ alot of electronic mods and things, trying to get over to his place and get some pics and info on it..
  3. daddio

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    can't speak on the landmann,but i did look at the brinkman for another grill to put on my concession trailer,my 2 cents....it wasn't well made pretty light weight fire box seemed real light to me,and for that price ,and i know you get what you pay for, but i'd hit lowes or homedepot or even better an academy sports and for about 20.00 more grab the char-griller smoke-n-pro or outlaw with a sidefirebox, academy sports ran the outlaw with firebox for 150.00 a couple months ago.and to me chargriller is just heavier made and better built,i'm on my second one now and i have really enjoyed them. just my two cents worth anyway.
  4. ghost308

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    I have a Smoke-n-Pit, had it over a year now, once you do all the mods it cooks pretty good, but until you do the mods it will eat way to much fuel, the temps will be a pain and the fire will need lots of attention. Also the thermo that comes with it is junk you'll need to replace that first thing, and the warming rack you can toss out also, you can't do all the mods with it installed.
    I still hate the firebox side door the hindges on it let the door sag badly when you open it , but all in all once you learn to cook with it they turn out some mighty fine Grub !
  5. danbury

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    I bought one of these many years ago and even with the mods it was difficult for long cooks. I ended up taking the firebox off, sealing up that opening and making a charcoal grill out of it.
    Since going with a UDS for long cooks and a nice gas grill for all things hot and fast, the "Smoke-n-Pit sits unceremoniously behind the barn with the rest of my scrap metal. Maybe other folks had better luck than I did with one.
  6. daboys

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    I've got the SnP and love it. Did the mods to it and have even temps on both sides. For a 10-12 hr smoke I use about 1 bag-10* of lump. The side firebox door needs to be thicker, but I can live with that. Overall, for the price, I think it's a pretty good smoker.
  7. daddio

    daddio Meat Mopper

    i might add the smoke-n-pit i have is an older one that was given to me,but looking at it and then looking at the one that is pictured for sale now,it appears the newer one just is alot lighter made,the older one i have, like about anything ,i guess was just made better than the new things.
  8. jkasperows

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    I have the Landmann. got it at amazon for $214.00 and love it. very heavy duty steel. i think its 3/16. just shy of 1/4" steel. the firebox is very large and has a door on the side for easy access. the firebox also has a grill grate for direct grilling (usefull for cooking the sauce on your ribs when finished or a burger or two while smoking [​IMG] ) the smoker side doubles as a normal grill for those days that you want to use it for a big backyard burger/dog feast. the smoker has a small built in baffle which is not quite large enough but I move the adjustable charcoal tray in the smoke up to the level of the baffle and cover with foil and it works great. heave metal keeps the heat well. the mods I have made are a charcoal basket. this is needed because without it when you open the firebox door the coals can fall out. it does not have a smoke stack but the vents on the oppisit side of the lid are at food/grate level which works great. I love mine. should last for many years. be sure to cure your new smoker good before you use it.

    just my O2

  9. chrome

    chrome Smoke Blower

    You might check your local Wally world.
    Mine has all the smokers/grills on clearance.
    Most of the supplies, including lump are gone. [​IMG]
  10. travcoman45

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    I got the smaller version, decent grill fair smoker. Like the GOSM much better, side box be nice fer addin smoke ta the grillin, but ya can do that without the sfb too. Yall need a new grill?
  11. ddave

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    I agree with what he said except I haven't noticed the firebox lid being a problem. I also converted mine to gas.

    I like it a lot . . . now . . . but then it is the only smoker I have ever owned. If I had to do it over again, I probably would have spent a little more money for a heavier smoker. But for the price and what little extra the mods will cost, it's not a bad smoker in my opinion.

  12. If you have HEB up there in Ft. Worth, go see if they have the Char-Griller. Mine came with the fire box, and only cost about $140. I love it, I know it won't last forever, but works well for me until I can convince the wife to let me invest in something nicer.
  13. solar

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    I have the older version SnP, it's made with much heavier metal, I bought it used for $50 from the classifieds in the local paper. I was looking at the one you have shown at WM a few weeks ago. It seems to be made with much lighter metal, I'm sure it would work fine as long as you do the mods. My cooking temps are within 10° from left to right, the mods really do work.

    My firebox doesn't have the ash clean out door, at first I thought this would be a pain, but it turns out I like it better with out one because mine doesn't leak. I've done a 14 hour smoke with lump, and never had a problem with ash piling up, but if I used regular charcoal it would be a different story.

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