what is lowest chamber temp to cold smoke Canadian Bacon

Discussion in 'Pork' started by rich-, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone, I have a piece of pork loin in the fridge right now drying. I plan to pull it tomorrow morning and cold smoke it. My A-mazn-p burning inside my Brinkman smoker will get the chamber temp to about 65 degrees tops. Is that warm enough for cold smoking, or should I get the chamber temp up closer to 100 degrees?

    Thanks Rich-
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    Rich, morning.....  Sorry I'm late in answering your thread......   I personally try to keep the temp between 50-70 deg F.... Don't know why..... I preheat the smoker and have the bacon hanging to raise it's temp up to those numbers... I think it prevents the bacon from being colder than the outside temp and having condensate form on the slab....  then add the smoke....  I have smoked bacon for 6 days at around  6 hours of smoke per day and I leave it hanging in the smoker for the duration.... smoke the next day etc....   All that assumes the night time temps are below 40 degrees... and I leave the vents wide open during the smoke so it is a light smoke with good air flow.... I am trying to copy the old days of bacon hanging in a shack with a small fire to make smoke....  

    Here is a link......    Dave

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    I like Dave try to hold the smoking temp around 70°.  Unlike Dave, my slabs are smoked 76 hours continuously  using a AMNPS in an 22cf collector simply because it produces the flavor that we desire.  You will undoubtedly find a technique and time that suites your taste, only time will tell.  Suggest that when smoking is completed, you allow it to rest in fridge for a couple days to equalize.  Using Dave's technique, his is doing this during the smoke which I am sure develops a very desirable flavor. 

    However you do it, keep good notes and good luck.

  4. Hello Dave and Mr. T,

    I must opolagize for not thanking you for your replies to my question on Low chamber temps for smoking Canadian Bacon, I had to make a couple hurried trips to tacoma and have been gone from home and my computer for a few days.

    I will say a great big thank you here as I will certainly put your suggestions to use very soon as i have 3 more chunks of the pork Loin to smoke and make Canadian Bacon.

    Will post progressive qview when I do the smoking.

    Dave, I think I mentioned that I discarded my ideas for using an ammo can for a modified mailbox mod, and went ahead and used a mailbox. That whole thing is so awesome, And Thanks to POPs for coming up with such a great mod.

    Happy smokin guys, I know I will.

  5. mr t 59874

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    No apology needed here Rich.  Will be looking forward to your Q-view.


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