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  1. a trifecta of pork, baby back ribs, pulled pork and ABT's hmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe a brisket the following saturday depending on whether or not there are any left overs from the first round :)
  2. [​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  3. dancg68

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    Doing some ribs and maybe chicken thighs.  Haven't had great luck with chicken but keep trying.
  4. redneck69

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    chicken breast, legs and maybe some stuffed pork loin
  5. kgb1

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    We have an annual block party with the street closed to traffic and everything.  I'll be grilling sausages and hot dogs for the kids.  I'll be doing baby back ribs in the smoker.  Can't wait.

  6. Well up here in Canada, it is July 1st, not the 4th, and that is this weekend, my Better half has said NO to anything smoked, she is having a Baby Shower for her step son's former G/F, so I am out of luck on long weekend.  She needs me for security, so to say, as the Step Son has been a real jerk in this case and he shows up, there will be trouble.
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  7. I picked up a 12.5# brisket today at sam's 2.29 a pound. Will probably smoke it on the UDS. Probably throw a dozon Chornish hens in the MES40.

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  8. My local family-run store has baby backs on sale. Had them a few weeks ago, and I was very pleased with how they turned out, so I'll probably pick up a couple of racks for Thursday.

    I've been wanting to try ABTs. I've never had one before, but they sound awfully good! Maybe I'll make a batch to take to my neighbor's party on the weekend.

    But...being in Maryland, I can hear the crabs a-callin'. One of these days, the smoker will have to take a break, and make room for the steamer!
  9. I want some crab[​IMG]

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  10. 10 lb butt and a 5 lb picnic. some pulled pork anyone
  11. lazykitty

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    Doing a pork butt and my first brisket - if I can find one.  Lower slower DE is not over run with brisket, let me tell ya!  I saw a couple flats at BJ's at $4.19/lb which I thought was high, then went to the local grocery store and they were $5.49/lb - geez.
  12. OUCH!!!! Is there a Sam's club close?

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  13. :Several racks of baby back ribs and a brisket I believe is whats on the menu
  14. mike65

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    What is a ABT ?
  15. dward51

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    Our daughter has coordinated a family gathering at her grandfather's house this year.  It's going to be a covered dish type pot luck event.  I'm probably going to bring the old stand by favorite pulled pork. 

    Thinking about picking up 4 shoulders from Sam's Club on the way home Tuesday afternoon.  I can trim them, rub them, and wrap them to rest in the fridge until Wednesday.  Then I'll fire up the WSM on the BBQ Guru as soon as I get home for an overnight smoke.  Figure I should have everything up and running by 6 or 7PM which puts me around the 1 to 2PM Wednesday for tossing the meat in the coolers to rest.  Gathering is at 5PM so I've got some "dreaded stall" wiggle room if needed.  

    That should give us plenty for the gathering, the freezer, and some for me to take to the office on Friday as a surprise treat for the few dedicated workers who decide to show up after the holiday.  I'm thinking two shoulders for the gathering, one for the fridge, and one for the office.  That should be plenty for everyone to eat and a little to take home for later.
  16. Sounds like a good plan

    happy smoken.

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  18. Off to a good start, David. Looking forward to watching your thread on the holiday!

    Regarding the ABTs, I'm interested in trying a variety that I saw somewhere (maybe here?). I'll split the jalapeno length-wise like a boat, add some cream cheese, and put a cocktail sausage (aka "little smokie") on top of that, then wrap with bacon and hold it together with a toothpick.
  19. That sounds good. some people use pulled pork. With any BBQ the only rule[​IMG] is........Their are no rules. What ever you want to add. go for it. Remember to post a QVIEW we all like new ideas.

    Happy smoken.


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