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  1. I saw this in a clip from BBQ Pitmasters and was wondering what you all thought of this.  I've not yet seen a recipe that had almost equal portions of the salt, pepper, and sugars.  This was put together by Squeal Like a Pig BBQ from Kansas City.  Myself I prefer more a salty profile over a sweet profile so I was going to try mixing up a small portion and leaving out the white sugar to see what happened.    

    2 Cups White Sugar

    2 Cups Brown Sugar

    2 Cups Kosher Salt

    2 cups Black Pepper

    1 cup Chili Powder

    1 cup Paprika

    ¾ cup Turmeric

    ¼ cup Cayenne

    ¼ cup Garlic Powder

    ¼ cup Onion Powder
  2. Looks too hot and salty for me, I would think that would be a bit overpowering.  I want to taste the meat too.
  3. Yeah like I said first time I've ever seen equal parts of the S,S,&P.  I suppose I'll have to try it though, whats the worst that could happen? [​IMG]
  4. That makes a huge batch too, you could easily quarter that recipe for a test and still have about 3 cups of rub, then you're not wasting so much if you don't like it.  Test it out and let us know.
  5. Yeah I was thinking as a test I'd go way smaller.  Like enough for a few pork chops or something no way I'm testing on a batch that size. 
  6. Reminds me of the first time I ever tried to do a pork loin on the grill.  My wifes aunt seemed to make the best pork loin and I asked her how I could do it at home.  she said just coat it with seasoned salt and cook it.  So thats exactly what I did!  It was glowing red with Lawrys seasoned salt and when I tasted it I had to spit it out instantly!  that was the saltiest thing I have EVER tasted.  We still laugh about that today. [​IMG]  But I learned a very valuable lesson.  More is not always better! 
  7. I mixed up a very small batch of this last night and tossed it on some steaks we were having just test it out.  ( we usually just to S&P on steaks) and it was really not bad.  I'd say if anything stuck out it was the pepper.  Need to try it on pork since that's what it was "designed" for.
  8. Right on, if you don't try it you will never know.
  9. frosty

    frosty Master of the Pit

    I like pepper, but golly that seems a bit much.  But it seems like pork takes up the pepper a little more than other proteins.

    Good luck with it.   [​IMG]
  10. Yes Frosty the pepper was a tad much for me I will try some on pork and see what its like.  I have a stand by rub that I like and pleases everyone, I just like to try new things sometimes.

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