Weekend Trifecta

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by babcockwi, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. This weekend I am going for a trifecta.(Beef,Pork and Fish). It is opening weekend of deer season hear in Wisconsin, and since I do not hunt much, I decided to make some good grub for all my hunting buddies.

    First I am going to get the fish done. I mixed the brine and put the fish in around 6am. I am using about 10 lbs of bull heads from the Mississippi river. Headed and skinned I will brine for 2-4 hrs. Then i will rinse and let dry for about 1 hr. Then put on the smoker at 190 for 2-3 hours.Here is the recipe for the brine.

    1/2 gallon water

    1/2 cup kosher salt

    1/2 cup brown sugar

    1/4 cup lemon juice

    1 1/2 tsp. garlic powder

    1 1/2 tsp. onion powder

    1 1/2 tsp pepper

    1/2 cup soy sauce

    1/4 cup Worcestershire 

    Second I am going to get 2, 8 lbs pork butts ready for the smoker on Saturday. Threw together a rub this morning and will let sit for 24 hrs.

    1 cup brown sugar 

    1 Tbs paprika

    1 Tbs Paprika

    1 Tbs Black Pepper

    1 Tbs Crushed red pepper

    1 Tbs Onion powder 

    1 Tbs Garlic powder

    1/2 Tbs Cumin

    1 Tbs Italian Seasoning

    3rd I will be doing some Ground Venison Jerky. Got to run to the grocery store and get some supplies. Will be back to post more pics and let you know how its going.
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    babcock, morning.....   Well...  How did the trifecta go ??   everything looks good so far....  Dave
  3. Is it done yet or did you get lost at the grocery store getting more supplies? LOL
  4. Sorry guys, had a family emergency i had to attend to right after the fish was put on the smoker. Left it on unattended for about 12 hrs and it ran out of propane luckily. All that was left was some bullhead jerky LOL. Had to have a buddy run over and grab the butts, he cooked them in his oven and turned out OK from what i heard (never got to try any). Got the jerky mixed up today and going to put on tomorrow. Will post some pictures if my luck is better this time.

  5. One of my homemade jerky racks.

    All loaded up and ready for smoke. Used recipe i found on here for Pepper jerky and Hot Pepper jerky.

    Ready to go. 130 for first hour, then gradually up to 150. Will add about 1 hour of smoke during hour 2.

    Here is a picture of the smoker I have built.
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    Lookin' good..... that is a lot of jerky.....  
  7. One more batch after this one, that will fill up 3 racks. I used the LEM Backwoods Original Jerky and Backwoods Original Sticks for this batch. I have never tryed the LEM seasonings, hope its good.
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    Looking good ! Like Dave said, that's a lot of jerky.

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