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Discussion in 'Cheese' started by chuckerg, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. I am trying to smoke a few pounds of Swiss since we got another cold snap and I am way understocked going into spring. The problem is it started snowing and is windy as hell with the snow being very wet, causing the pellets to go out when it blows in the side opening or drops into the vent. I wonder if I should just call it off and then re-smoke the whole batch in a few weeks if it is not done to our liking? Anyone ever had a reason to "double smoke " cheese not sure how this will work out.
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    What smoker are you using? Why not turn the smoker vent away from the wind or make a wind break?
  3. MES 30 it has the vent on top and the chip loader part way out for inlet air. think I might take the tray in to work tomorrow to steam clean it since allot of the holes in the bottom of the tray seam "clogged". just don't want to waste the cheese I can smoke every night of the week but the waste part bothers me
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    I have a 30. I use the amnps from Todd. We get high winds here. Just used a block for the wind
  5. just re-lit and tented the vent and added a windbreak on the side the last row is burning now so hope it is enough smoke since there has been quite a few periods with no smoke for extended time. if all else fails will re smoke but don't want to since am almost to the end of the cooler weather and still a big empty spot where the cheese should be in the fridge.

  6. 3 pounds done (I hope)
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    FYI...I have re smoked cheese about 5 weeks ago. I'd finished it in about 3 hours and decided only on a whim just see what the effect would be. Sliced open the vac seal and did another 2 hours. It really was minor. Nice smoke taste. I use a lot of corn cob so I did not think to try a mix of different smoke. That might have proved interesting

    As for warmer weather... I did 4 lbs today and would like to get another 6-8 lbs before closing out the spring. Today was 35 and rose to 58 by 3pm. Closing in on 60s real fast.
  9. yup that's the forecast here and still want to get another 6- 12 pounds done but tomorrow its looking like 65 so might be done weather I like it or not

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