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  1. Has anyone ever used a water heater element in their smoker??
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    1. What AC voltage  area are you in? 120VAC or 240VAC? Most water heater elements are 240VAC.

    2. You can burn 240VAC elements at 120VAC and get 1/4 the wattage out put.

    3. In order for water heater element to operate at full wattage, it has to be in water, otherwise it will burn up in a few seconds.

  3. I'm operating on 120v and found a 1650w element that works. But didn't know it would burn up. That's what I needed to know. Thanks!
  4. dcarch

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    As i said, 1/2 the voltage gives 1/4 the wattage. That comes to a little more than 400 Watts, which will not be enough to provide heat anyway.

  5. atomicsmoke

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    Will you please make a video of this experiment ...in case it smokes (not saying it will)...always fun to see
  6. dcarch

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    The way to go is to get a high wattage stove heating element.

    Lets say a 4000 watt 240V element. You will get 1000 watts burning at 120V.

    The nice thing about doing this way is, any resistive element operating at lower than rated wattage will drastically increase life. 

    The heating element may last a few hundred years.

  7. I agree I have a 5300w 208v element which would be perfect. However too large for my fridge :( thats the only reason I'm looking at other options. The water heater element was appealing due to the size but had never seen one used.

  8. Definately!
  9. I also thought about 2 smaller 2000w 208v elements wired in parellel which would be about 1200w on 110v with about 10a current draw if my math is right. I have options on elements, just not sure of the best route to go.
  10. atomicsmoke

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    That would work. Ohm is your friend. :)
  11. Thats a 120v 1650w element so there wouldn't be a drop. Didnt specify that. Sorry

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