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  1. pman5412

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    Hey all, 

       Patrick here from the Louisville area. I have been grilling for a long time, and have recently jumped to new waters (smoking).

    So far, some of the posts i have found have helped me out a bit beginning with my smoker. I have a cheap little chargriller that i have recently bought the offset for,and boy i didn't know what i was getting into. in for a dime.... well i'm hooked. site has already helped me with info on mods for my smoker. 

    i have already smoked ribs and chicken and i'm about to try my hand at a shoulder butt. speaking of which, is this a cut for pulled pork only or can it be sliced up as well? if so, what is the internal temp i should shoot for? pics next time  

    nice to meat everyone

  2. noboundaries

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    Patrick, welcome to SMF!  Glad you are here and having fun with your Chargriller. 

    Shoulder/Butt is a GREAT cut for pulled pork.  The final internal temp that works nicely for pulled pork is 195-205F.  Personally I aim for 203-205F and I smoke at chamber temps at around 275-325F, aka Hot n Fast. 

    Yes, you can slice a shoulder/butt roast.  Aim for 160-170F final IT.  I like loins better for slicing and only take them to 145F IT.   

    Have fun!

  3. pman5412

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    Thanks Ray. I was actually planning on trying to get some slices off then continuing smoking, and pulling the rest. Got a good deal on the butt (9 lb/$13), so i am not so worried about experimenting a bit.
  4. phatbac

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    I was the same way starting grilling and then got into smoking and got addicted! The best tool for any smoker that took me a long time to realize was a good thermometer. if you can get a good probe thermometer. a Maverick run you about $80 on amazon and they are great. keep a probe in you meat while smoking and with the wireless remote always know the temp of you meat and use the other probe for you smoker. you can be sitting on the couch watching the game or something sipping a beverage and know you pit temp and your meat temp!

    welcome to the hobby and SMF and as always,

    Happy Smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron)
  5. pman5412

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    my chargriller off set with completed mods, and the lovely 9 lb butt waiting for smoke tomorrow. Oh and btw phatbac, thanks for the great advice but i already have the thermometers and sipping beverages covered. ;-)
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  6. pman5412

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    Took half the shoulder and sliced it up, very moist and great flavor. Finishing the rest of the butt up to pull. Overall success I think
  7. pman5412

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  8. [​IMG]   Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from another hot day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.


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