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    Hey guys!!! Newbie to SMF.  I have been reading you guys up for a while and also have been smoking for some time, but just joined.  However I have a new build that I want to get on track.  My smoker, which I have had for some time now, is a vertical cylinder; 5 feet tall, 24 inches in diameter.  I want to put a gravity feed system with a fire box on it.  Any ideas?  I have only seen one round vertical smoker and it had a bunch of other stuff on it so I kinda counted it out as far as ideas.  How big should the fire box be? How tall, wide, deep should the charcoal storage be for the fire box? Does the stack have to be a certain size/length?  Not really sure about a lot of this, but I know someone has an answer.

    Any help appreciated

  2. Hey Cyl

    Sorry you didn't get any response on this, can you post a picture of what you're working with?  Lots of expertise here, I 'm sure someone will chime in with an opinion (plenty of those here, too!)  [​IMG]

    You may want to start with a post on the Roll Call thread and introduce yourself, may help to get things rolling.

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