Vertical cabinet build 2-13-10

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  1. Building a vertical cabinet smoker (a mix of backwoods,spicewine, my design, and some info from BBQ Engineer )

    All we got done today was cutting all the length of 1.5 inch square tube steel.

    And put together a smoker for the Father in law

    welding begins next weekend!

    I had a few design flaws, didnt take into account the width of the tubes so i had to trim off 1.5" off to make things work. Soooo on to the pics

    The tops and bottoms of the smokers

    Welding the uprights

    Almost there

    Welding the firebox area

    Cool picture of the day

    Top side checking for fitting

    Me tacking the top in place

    The two frames completed

    Tomorrow, we are going to lay the beads down and start cutting the interior.
  2. I'll get the popcorn ready, set the drink by the lazy boy, kick it back and wait for more qview on this!
  3. treegje

    treegje Master of the Pit

    also look forward to this
  4. chefrob

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    me too...........
  5. mballi3011

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    Man I really will be sitting on pins and needles awaiting you new smoker.
  6. Bump for update
  7. daddyzaring

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    Okay what happen to the qview?
  8. caveman

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    The post is 2 months old.  He probably removed the photo's from photobucket.  Darn!
  9. another good point to the new site - direct uploads from your computer!
  10. richoso1

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    You can upload from your PC by inserting it into a thread or reply, or you can upload from within a photo album that is in Your Profile. They're both convenient ways without having to use an image host.

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