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    on this page, the one on the bottom is marked "commercial" with the extra dial on the left side----does anyone know what the extra dial is for and is the unit "special" and in desireable for some reason compared to the others
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    don.t know abount it we will keep watch ebay
  3. That's a good question! Also not to high-jack your thread, but my question kind've goes along the lines of yours. I have one of the foodsavers that look like all the other nozzle type machines except that it doesn't have the knob on the right that is supposed to tighten the heating element as it stretches? Also the nozzle doesn't pull out like in the vacupack video or have the removable plug on the bottom?

    Hopefully someone can help us out with the differences!
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    Can you post a bigger picture? Can't see it too well.
  5. erain

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    Phone: 206-322-7303
    Toll Free: 800-227-3769
    give them a call and they will answer your questions...
  6. Duh! I didn't even think about getting a hold of them! [​IMG]I've looked at that website a few times as well. I really love my foodsaver so far, but I was worried that any type of liquid that entered the machine would hurt it since it doesn't have the plug on the bottom, or the removable nozzle with the filter. That was one of the reasons I decided to get the foodsaver, since it has the ability to take some liquid without hurting the machine, like in the demo on vacupack's website (the one with the armour-all sponge.) I'll drop them an email.
  7. acs55812

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    I found out the one marked commercial and with the knob on the front left verticle surface is truly a heavier machine, thicker heat bar ect, I purchased said machine and its on the way to me as we type

    The knob is to turn on/off the vacuum port for canisters
  8. That is a good question. Mudduck had purchased one of these, and gave me some info on your type. It seems that this was one of the very first Vacupack models ever produced. Evdentaly this was a no frills machine that does not have the current improvements with the removable bottom plug, or the time adjustable bag sealer. Also from what mudduck said (who was informed by the P.M.G. guy) was that the unit nozzle can be removed via a screw at the bottom. Mudduck also conveyed to me that there seems to be a small hole on the right side, that may have an adjustment with a jewelers screwdriver to adjust the time cycle of the sealer.
    Mudduck won one of these on E-Bay, but sent it back,as he didn't want to be bothered with the hassle of the bag sealer. I would check with P.M.G as E-rain stated for advice on servicing and procedeure. I think your machine is ok, just a little more primative than the newer units.
  9. I did email pmg and recieved an answer right away! Hounds you are correct on the heating element hole. Pmg suggested that I could bore it out a little and use a tiny screw driver or a flattened bicycle spoke to adjust. This particular machine has no sump so pmg told me that if it does take on some liquid to just run a bag with some water through it, just as the vacupack video shows how to do to clean the machine. I tried it and worked fine! Puts my mind at ease. I really like this machine!
  10. erain

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    correct, i run water thru mine every time i use it on a big project to flush it out.

    FOODSAVER USERS... UNLESS you have one of the original models which is the same as a vacupack, DO NOT do this... the pump will quit working and your f/s will be shot.
  11. Yep I run water through mine all the time. erain if the guys who read these posts only knew what a savings these older units were. And the nice thing is that you can still get parts and service your unit at home. Alot better than dealing with food saver.
  12. Congrats scud007 you got urself a machine which should last you a lifetime. If there is any help you need, please feel free to E-Mail me

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