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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by thesmayway, Aug 7, 2016.

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    Heading to the beach in a few weeks with 13 family members. Would like to smoke some stuff before going. Pulled pork and brisket are always great reheating, what about chicken? I'm thinking brine, season and smoke until done. Then I may need to freeze... and then mop and grill at the beach to reheat. I'm thinking I cab get all the flavor in the meat with the smoke and then flavor and crisp the outside on the grill. Thoughts ? Using mes30 with or without amnps. Thanks

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    You can definitely do what you said above (absolutely freeze).  For added protection, put some curing salt like Prague Powder #1 in the brine.  You can fully cure the chicken, which I've never done but there's an active thread going on right now about it, or just use the curing salt to flavor the chicken.    
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    Your plan is fine. Get the Thighs to 165. Thigh will be fully cooked but not quite tender. This way when you reheat and crisp the skin the meat will finish and be tender and juicy. The cure, adds flavor, is your choice there are no safety issues freezing and reheating Fully Cooked poultry...JJ
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