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  1. I would do a 4:1 or 3:1 brine.....meat to brine.
    You must inject a portion of the brine.
    I would inject brine equal to 10-15% the weight of the meat.
    Keep the meat covered in brine as best you can, a plastic bag works good.
    I would allow cure time of 7-10 days.

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  2. Thanks Martine !

    i just asked something in the post before of this, i would like to know if in the first column of the brine calculator , should we put the green weight of meat + the water volume ? or just the weight of the meat ?
  3. Depends, you can do either.
    If you are doing an equilibrium brine, you enter both the weight of the meat and the liquid weight.
    If you're apply a dry cure mix, you enter just the meat weight,

  4. thanks Martin , as always fast to reply and helpful !! ya i'm doing wt cure ( brine) not dry mix

    so i would enter both eight : meat+water
  5. Yes.

  6. Excellent tool.  Thanks
  7.  I tried to go to the calculator, and it says this page is suspended.  Is there another link to the calculator Martin?  I am going to make anither batch of bacon and need to use this calculator.  Please help Martin.  Forever in your debt!!  Thanks, Steve
  8. Yes the calculator is down. What type of cure are you wanting to do? Ie dry cure/brine/equilibrium brine?
  9. I fixed the problem.
    The calculator is back up and working fine now.

  10. The links at the start of this thread & the one on page 2 don't work for me but if I click on it in my favorites it works fine now...
  11. I wonder why?
    I just tried them and they work fine.

  12. Thanks!
    I updated them!

  13. No problem Martin! They are working fine now  [​IMG]
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  14. Martin, much appreciated.  I can make bacon again.  Also, I will be starting on sausage in late Feb, can I use this for sausage as well?  If there is a calculator for sausage I will use that.  I'll search for that.  Again, Thanks a billion for your info Martin!  Steve
  15. Sure, you can use the calculator for sausage.
    Keep the ppm nitrite set at 156 and set the salt and sugar to whatever level you prefer.

  16. Thanks again Martin, you are the man!  Steve
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  17. Thanks a million for this. Might keep us "experimenters" from commiting Hara Kiri. [​IMG]
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  18. Appreciate this thread and calculator. Planning on making some jerky for the first time and maybe some bacon. All the more info the better and there is plenty of info on this site.
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    Very usefull any chance of a guide to brine times?  For instance would brine times for a 1kg  salmon fillet be the same for 1kg of pork belly of the same thickness?
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