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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokeymose, May 28, 2016.

  1. smokeymose

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    Ok I went out this morning and picked up a very nice 3.7# brisket flat at Costco and an 8.6 full brisket at GFS ($2.49# 😊). My idea is to use the flat for Pastrami and the full to smoke on Monday. My first try at a whole brisket, albeit a small one. Well the Mrs. Is saying 8# is too much for the 2 of us & I should cut off some of it for Pastrami & freeze the flat for another cook. I told her I can't get enough out of the full one for a good batch of Pastrami, but we could freeze & re-heat whatever leftovers there were from the full one.
    Any feedback?
  2. b-one

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    We have sammies the day of cook hash for breakfast the next morning or for supper make burnt ends the day after then if no good ideas or we've had enough I just take it to work.:biggrin:
  3. SmokeyMose i saw a post on here for left overs, they made some Philly cheese steak sandwiches out of it. you might want to look up that thread.

  4. If you are brining the 3.7 lb for pastrami, you'll find it on the small side for the amount of work, patience and amount of finished pastrami. My first pastrami was from a 4 lb brisket. We finished eating it in a few days. Just from picking at it, reubens and a pastrami hash, it was gone before we knew it. [​IMG]

    The last pastrami, I cut from an 18 lb brisket. I cut the brisket in half and brined for 15 days. This was enough to eat, vac seal and freeze a large portion.
  5. smokeymose

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    Ok, it's decided. The flat's going into the brine and the full brisket is getting cooked Monday.
    I really want to try burnt ends and want to do Pastrami from scratch.
    @b-one, I take stuff to work all the time. After I warm up whatever it is, people wander down to the break room and ask what smells so good 😊

  6. lancep

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    Next day leftover plate, sammies, nachos, omelettes, enchiladas, tacos, anything tex-mex, the list goes on. I don't think its possible to have too much left over brisket. Unless, of course, it holds you up from smoking your next one😉
  7. smokeymose

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    Actually that's kind of what I had planned, but Costco's promised shipment didn't come in so I picked up the flat and stopped at a GFS on the way home. I should have gone there first. They had several between 8# and 14# at $2.49. Since I already had the flat I got a small one to smoke.
    I also ran out pretty fast with the last batch, and I was the only one eating it LOL, but if I hog up any more space in the fridge for something the Mrs doesn't even like, well, you know...

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