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  1. johnnyk

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    what would be the process for smoking an uncooked ham?
  2. I've never done one but I'm thinking it might need to be cured first. I'm sure someone (Pops) will be by shortly with an answer!
  3. What type of uncooked ham are you looking to make?

    Country Ham?
    City Ham?
  4. eman

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    an uncooked /uncured ham is just a pork roast. If you want to cure a ham ,please make sure and get w/ someone who has successfully done it and get the particulars.
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    If it is a Fresh (Uncured) Ham it can be hot smoked, 225*F, to 150-155*F like a Roast and Sliced or go to 205*F, with a long rest, and Pull it...

    If you wish to Cure it into a Cured/Smoked Ham like many will eat for Easter...Here is a proven recipe from Pops...JJ

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