Tzatziki (τζατζίκι)

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  2. Great tutorial and recipe! I love tzatziki, especially as a dip or spread. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I could tzatziki and grilled pitta bread all day. Love the stuff.
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    Fantastic write up, thanks!! My wife makes it every now and then, it really is amazing stuff. There are a lot of Greek owned sub shops around here for some reason. One in particular has the best Gyros, and in particular the best Tzatziki. We were in picking up carry out one night, and my wife started chatting with the guy behind the counter. He actually shared the secret to their Tzatziki. He makes his own Greek yogurt for one thing, but he also uses half yogurt and half sour cream. Next time she made it she tried it and WOW, it was unbelievably creamy.

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