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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by skpeep, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. I am having some serious trouble getting any smoke going in my masterbuilt analog 30 inch.  Using the provided wood tray, I was able to get smoke going when doing a higher temp smoke, but I wanted to start smoking some trout, so I bought the AMNPS, hoping this would allow me to smoke around 180-200.  Well, I was able to do a batch of fish, but had to take the torch to the woodchips about every 20 minutes, they wouldn't keep smoldering.  Today I read it was probably due to not enough air flow, so I drilled a few holes towards the bottom of the smoker, and a couple more up top where the current "vent" is.  Decided I would try it out with some split chicken breasts.  As far as I can tell, it did not change a thing.  started out with a mixture of pellets and chips.  I put the torch to them for about a minute and then left it sit outside to do its thing.  Came back out after I rubbed down the bird to find that nothing was happening.  Nothing was turning to ash, nothing was smoking.  So I put the torch to it again, got a flame going, and put it in the smoker, right on the element.  Well, that was probably a bad idea, as now I was getting too much smoke.  Tossed that batch of chips out, and put some more pellets in.  Once again, put the torch to it for about a minute and a half, let it smoulder for about 5 minutes and put it in the smoker.  Went out to check IT of the chicken, and decided to open the smoker to check out how the pellets were doing.  They were doing nothing,  If I didn't have the smoker temp up around 300, I am sure the pellets would have been cold.  I have put them in the microwave to dry them out, I drilled holes in the smoker to get more air circulation, I torch them for about a minute and then let them sit out for the 10 minutes that it says to, and still I can't get anything going.  What gives.  It is really frustrating.    I am about to just toss my outdoor oven in the trash and use the oven in the kitchen, because that's about all my "smoker" is doing.    I know it is hard to really assess the situation over the internet, but if anyone has any ideas, throw them my way. 

  2. I have them unit. My first guess is that the pellets are not dry enough and your not getting a good, hot cherrry glowing/smoking before you put the tray back in the unit.  Preheating your smoker to 275* and put the pellets in the tray while preheating your smoker.

    Go to the amaz'n site and carefully read the how to's and if your still not having luck, give them a call.  Best customer service I have found.

    It's also been mentioned here that some flavors of pellets do not do well on their own and need a mix of maple or pecan to help the burn.  I'm at the point where I'm going to stick mostly with 100%pecan, except for fish.

    Now, for me I had die out on Thanks Giving.  Tray burned one row and turned the corner and then went out.  I wasn't watching it close enough.  Got some flavor, but not enough on a double smoked ham.  sucked.

    Also, put a small, flat tray underneath the pellet tray.  Seems to help, too.

    Try doing some practice runs without any meat.  You will find that various temps require more/less air from the bottom.  I have a 3" dia hole in the top of mine with a 8-9" smoke stack.  It helps with air flow and prevents the smoke from being stagnant and helps remove moisture

    with this all said, I'm still learning and having fun...even with the stress of possible failure.

  3. I have the same MES I drilled (5) 1/2" holes just above the coils opposite of the controler and another next to top vent  have not had a problem since sometimes to much airflow that I plug some holes

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