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    Been lurking around a while, I can usually find answers by just looking but I want to try something a little different and thought I would ask first.

    Store here sells Tri-tip untrimmed for about $3 per pound, the last time I roasted it the meat was a lot tougher then I would like so I have been marinating over night and it's OK.  What I would like to try is low and slow cooking it more like a brisket and taking the temp up to around 195 / 200 putting it in a sealed pan with juice for the last couple of hours.  Will this work?? or am I about to waste a $40 piece of meat.

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    Welcome aboard! When you get a chance update your profile to show your location so we can help answer your questions better.

    Tri-tip doesn't do well if cooked to the higher temps like brisket.  Mine always turn out nice and tender at higher temp cooks and lower IT . How are you slicing it? Slicing across grain is really important with tri-tip. It's kind of tricky because the grain runs two different directions.

    I have been cooking all of mine with the smoker running at 265*. I cook to an IT of 130-135* because we like rare-medium-rare, with a 30 minute foiled rest. Here's a couple of my last cooks:

    Here's a good tutorial on how to carve a tri-tip:

    Hope this helps out, and good luck.
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    x2 for what dirtsailor said.  I used his threads as a guide to smoke tri tip a couple of weeks ago, and it turned out amazing.  We went to 132 deg IT and it was very tender and juicy. 
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    Hay Thanks for the Advice!!

    After reading your advice went and rechecked my carving and think that is the problem.  Will put it on a slow grill and pull it off at 132. 

    Didn't mean to pass on the intro page, I get to that this weekend.

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    Sounds like a good plan. Cherry, hickory, mesquite are all good woods for beef. Post some Q-view of your cook. Good Luck!
  7. I do about 3 tri-tips a month, both grilled and smoked.  I find the best way for me is to take it to 135-140, rest for about 10-15 mins, then slice.  If someone wants theirs a little more done I just put their slices on the grill for a quick cook up to well done (that is usually what they want),

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