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  1. So, I am not sure where to post this maybe a different site all together but just want to see if anyone had any knowledge for me.

    For my smoker build I am turning a 20ft boat trailer into a flat bed/bbq trailer.

    My question is what would be the recommended material to accomplish this?

    C channel? 2in 3/16 L? 2" square tube?

    The overall width will be close to 8ft, just inside the width of the tires. the length of the flat bed portion will be approx. 9ft from the rear of the trailer. the rest will be used for the BBQ part?

    Any help will be appreciated

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. daveomak

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    What material to use totally depends on where it will be placed...
  3. crankybuzzard

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    Loading will also come into play.  Spacing of the stringers, wall thickness, etc.

    Do you have a plan drawn up?
  4. Dave, the flat bed part of the trailer will be used basically as a deck to stand and sit on so it wont ever be used for any real weight while in tow.

    CrankyBuzzrd, I don't really have a plan drawn up, just a really rough sketch. I could draw something up to give an idea of what I'm thinking, but like I said its going to mostly for tailgating on, not really any heavy hauling. it will have a 2x6 wood floor.
  5. So I have a question, I am getting ready to add my firebox to my trailer, I designed it to put the FB near the tongue end of the trailer and not the rear end. After taking a look at the trailer it says that it has a tongue rating of 300 lbs. Is this the max load on the tongue? Is it a matter of balance on the trailer rather than a strength of trailer issue?
  6. daveomak

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    I would not worry, at this time in the build, about balance....   make the layout that works well for you...   You can always move the axle... 

    To move the axle, using a cut off disc, or sawzall, cut off the spring brackets...   clean them up, weld the spring assembly to a length of  2x3x3/16" angle iron, making sure the width of the angle iron will fit the dimensions of the trailer when welded or bolted back on the trailer...  I would definitely bolt the axle assembly to the trailer so you can re-adjust in the future.....
  7. Dave..Thanks...I am not so much worried about the balance I really don't think it will be an issue. I was more concerned about the structural integrity of the trailer if what was sitting on the tongue was more than 300 lbs. Granted, in my case the load will not be directly on the tongue of the trailer, but it will be more twords the tongue than the even the center of the trailer. I was just making sure I wasn't going to make a mistake by putting it there.
  8. rc4u

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    well on my boat trailers the wheel axle was always movable with the u-bolts on it looks like they are drilled and if you want to move center just redrill holes and move the axle forward or back...jeff
  9. rc4u

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    I would build first and then move axle to where needed..i like about 225#'s,,,but that is depended on total weight..
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