Thursday Feast - More Bottom Round With Taters, Lemon Pepper Chicken, Bannock, Ribs & Homemade Crunc

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  1. Well today I decided to make a small feast since I am going away tomorrow...

    I had another red cow bottom round I didn't want to freeze so I decided to start with it. I'm making it the same way I did the one a few days ago & this will be my lunch.

    I gave it a nice SPOG treatment.

    & in the smoker it went.

    I figured I should make some fresh rolls & bread so here is the start of a double batch...

    I'll be making ribs later along with the homemade crunchy brownies for dessert plus whatever sides I settle on for lunch & later.

    Smoker temp 225                                      AMNPS running hickory & cherry pellets.

    Updates to follow...
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  2. c farmer

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    [​IMG]      Watching.
  3. Ok some progress...

    Bottom round out

    & ready to rest.

    I was starving so I peeled a few grapefruit to hold me over...

    Testing out my new scale that just came yesterday. My other one died & when I tore it apart the board was burnt. It had all surface mount components so there was no fixing it. This one isn't accurate enough for cure & spices but neither was my other one. I use a smaller one for those tasks.

    Rolls ready for 2nd rise.

    Bread ready for 2nd. rise

    Rolls ready for oven.

    Bread ready for oven.

    Updates to follow...
  4. c farmer

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    Rollers bread for the buns?
  5. Yup - they're easy to make & it's good stuff. I make it more than any other bread  [​IMG]  
  6. foamheart

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    Great start to what appears to be a great day for cooking!

    I use the UltraShip 35, I really like mine. When I first started I found the need here to weigh vice measure. I had thought of it in the past but..... never really got that push. Then getting all the help that you would expect here I was really confused. I finally looks around as asked Pop. He said it was a great one, he used it, liked it, and if and when I got to needing a finer measurement I could always get a smaller one. So far its done all I have needed. I do tend to fall back to volumes when ever possible though!

    BTW.... You got me smiling this AM, I am scrolling down following the post see those red roasts (which I still don't know what a red cow is) then I see a bowl of sliced grapefruit. I think to myself, "self (I call myself self sometimes), self, watch this and learn, this will be ground breaking!" And then you just eat the dang grapefruit. Pffffft!

    Excited to find a thread while its all happening.
  7. & moving right along...

    Rolls done.

    Bread done.

    On racks...

    Bottom round done resting & unwrapped.

    Cutting into it.

    Little bit closer...

    Done perfectly  [​IMG]


    Roll ready for business.

    Lots of goodness  [​IMG]   The Sammy was awesome - tender, juicy & extremely flavorful with the hickory/cherry mix. I would have had another but I ate way too much right off the cutting board as I was slicing it. I love these bottom rounds done like this  [​IMG]

    I decided to just go with some simple mashed potatoes for lunch. They should hole me over till everything else is ready. I'm thinking maybe some type of chicken to go with the ribs - maybe lemon pepper or some spicy speck. Might make some bannock too - haven't made that for a while...  [​IMG]   We'll see... I need to get the ribs on.

    Updates to follow...
  8. Thanks Foam  [​IMG]   This one is actually an UltraShip 55. I found it cheaper than the 35 was - $28.91 to my door so I went with it. I gave it a few tests & I really like it. It will be perfect for all the meat/sausage projects I will use it for. For cure & spices I use a smaller one that is accurate to 1/10th gram.

    Here is a red cow

    It's a Hereford but people just call them red cows around here  [​IMG]

    & sorry about the grapefruit - I was starving  [​IMG]  
  9. More progress...

    Ribs with rub ready to go in smoker. These will go straight through with no foil so I don't have to do any tending - have some stuff I have to get done in my shop...

    I decided to go with lemon pepper chicken. Here is the rub I mixed up.

    I started by pressing some garlic & putting it on the chicken.

    Then I coated it with my lemon pepper rub.

    Finally I put it in a container & poured a little lemon juice on. This will get covered & put in the fridge till I'm ready for it.

    Smoker temp is 225 for the ribs.                                              AMNPS running hickory & maple pellets.

    Updates to follow...
  10. foamheart

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    WooT! You got some good looking buns there!
  11. Thanks Foam  [​IMG]   They make great sammies & there's just something about eating stuff you smoked in bread you baked that makes a guy feel all right  [​IMG]
  12. c farmer

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    Yea, I am trying them buns this weekend.

    They look awesome.
  13. Started the crunchy brownies...

    Probably gonna go with the Bannock.

    Be back with updates...
  14. chestnutbloom

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    Hi, may I ask the IT of the beef roast when you pulled it? I'm doing my first on Saturday and I'm thinking 135F. Thanks and great pics!   --Rich

  15. Thanks man  [​IMG]   You'll be glad you made them  [​IMG]
  16. I pulled this one at 133 then wrapped it & let it rest - the one I did the other day here got away from me a little & I didn't catch it till it was at 136. I try not to let them get over 135 because with carryover they will still rise a bit. It was still very good though plus I had to cook some of it till it was leather so it worked out...
  17. Ok stuff is done now...

    Ribs out of smoker waiting for a glaze.

    One half glazed.

    Other half glazed.

    Couple cut up. This is all I am going to eat of these - the rest will be for tomorrow...

    Here is a closer shot.

    I had trouble stopping at 3!
  18. Thanks man  [​IMG]   There is more coming...
  19. I had to charge my camera so I didn't get pics of the mixing or cooking for the Bannock...

    Here is the Bannock just out.

    I fired up some Stubbs & put the chicken on the grill...

    Then I cut a couple pieces of fresh bread & made it into some garlic bread.

    I gave this piece some kick - some of my ground habanero & cherry bomb flakes  [​IMG]

    While all this was going on I heated up some garden corn.

    Garlic toast on the grill.

    & here is my plate - another reason I only ate 3 ribs  [​IMG]

    Now there is only the dessert left if I have room    [​IMG]
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