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  1. Hello all,
    This past weekend I decided to cook some chicken thighs (the wife said she wanted chicken). Ive been wanting to try some new appetizers but wasn't sure what to do. So I rummaged through the pantry and found a bag of New Potaoes that didn't have much shelf life left in em. Looked in the freezer and found some pulled pork from an older smoke. That's about the time my mind began to click. I put the taters in a ziplock with evoo, salt and pepper, thyme, and a little of jeffs rub. Set the oven to 350 and in they went for about 35 minutes (just before being fully done).

    Sliced the top off them and used a spoon to create a small cavity.

    Brushed them with some sauce then packed them with pork and sprinkled with a little more rub.

    Smoked them at 250 with the chicken for about 1.5hrs. Took them off and topped them with some smoked cheddar I did a couple months ago.

    The chicken was just a simple salt water brine for 3 hours then rinsed and rubbed with jeffs rub and basted the last 30 minutes with sauce. It was juicy and tasty. Holy cow these little bite size heavily treats may be my new second favorite (ABTs will always be my #1). The chicken turned out really good but the taters stole the show! And the wife was happy so I call it a win.

    It was all cooked at 250* with hickory pellets in the AMZNPS. I did bump up the smoker to 275* for the last 30 minutes to crisp up the chicken skin.

    NOTE: I'm not taking credit for these taters, I'm sure someone has done this before, I've just not seen it.

    Thanks for looking,
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  2. jckdanls 07

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    MMM.. they look good... maybe next time cut them in half and get double the amount.. no sense in wasting the top halves....
  3. Thanks man. They were tiny, but rest assured they didn't go to waste, the tops and cores made a really good potatoe salad the next day.
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    That's a nice looking Smoke! I love pulled pork iny
    Taters! You get POINTS for that little app!
  5. foamheart

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    I never really thought of 'em appetizers, great job. I do big baked potatoes with pulled & smoked meats and BBQ sauce. One tater is dang sure a meal.

    I like the baby taters though.

    Fine job, creature and helping keep the freezer clean. That alone should be with it.
  6. bmaddox

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    Those things look great. I have some PP in the freezer that is now getting put to use this weekend. Thanks
  7. Yes indeed, those potatoes looking mighty fine. I don't have pulled pork in the freezer but do have some chopped brisket. I am thinking large potatoes, with a salad. Supper to night. Good post. CF
  8. yes indeed, those taters look mighty fine. you can do some amazing things with them. good looking stuff there.[​IMG]

  9. Thank you very much, I love trying new things, and what better than meat and potatoes
  10. Something different but well worth the experiment. Everybody always loves ABTs and moink balls, so I guess it's another tool in the finger food arsenal
  11. You won't regret it, just make sure to season the taters up a bit or it could turn out a little bland. I hope they hit the spot for you
  12. Brisket sounds awesome! It's like a bowl for meat, and who doesn't like a edible bowl!
  13. Thank you very much, it's fun to find new ways to eat the same great stuff. I like to try to make as much of the meal in the smoker as possible. The wife loves not having to cook and I love her being happy
  14. Nice I like those Taters   All looks really tasty

  15. Appreciate it, it's fun to put a spin on leftover goodness!

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